Seeking Information on Havelock Walk.

Hi. I’m looking for background to, or historical information on Havelock Walk particularly its emergence as an artist live work community.

Any help appreciated.

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I typed into google ‘History of Havelock Walk’.

well, you did say:

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Thanks for the helpful advice. I did get a lot from my Twitter call out and the article will be appearing in the Autumn edition of the Forest Hill Society Newsletter. The print version, by the way is twice a year and is only distributed to signed up members!

It was very different around the early 90s.
The property immediately facing as you enter from London Road was used for storage and warehousing by an Honor Oak Park trader called Coulters Catering (later changed to Carters), doing commercial kitchen equipment and function hire, so there were Luton vans constantly in and out for untold amounts of big heavy stainless steel cooking ranges & refridgeration and tons of tables, chairs, crockery and cutlery
Two or three of the units about 1/3 of the way down on the left were a salvage motorbike breakers, which was a part of Myers Motors, who occupied the Topps Tiles units on Sunderland Road for donkeys years - probably from the 60s.
Near to the end on the right was a unit making lifts and another was a steel fabricators, where I had a metal staicase made for the back of one of my properties on Dartmouth Road.