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Can anyone recommend someone they have had a positive experience with?

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We had ours fitted by Crystal windows & so have quite a few of our neighbours. We were all happy & the price was reasonable, but that was back in 2001, so probably not much help now :frowning:



We currently have a very old UPVC window at the front of our property. The main window is drafty and therefore we think let’s in noise as seals have gone.

We’re on a road that’s a cut through at peak times and we’re outside a speedbump meaning we get lots of ‘thuds’ as cars go too fast over it/ bus goes past.

Does anyone have any experience of ‘noise reduction glass’ that some firms sell? Apparently it has a clear film on the front which pushes away sound, and the 2 panes of glass are different thickness, which again stops the noise penetrating (apparently). I don’t believe our current 20+ year UPVC does much.

Finally, does anyone have any recommended companies to contact to get a quote from? I looked at changing the widows to wood but this was cost prohibitive which is a shame as he product seemed good.


If anyone can recommend any companies that would be great. Just adding this comment to bring it back up to the top :grimacing:


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Ah sorry. Thanks for letting me know though.


We’ve had a great experience getting some uPVC windows replaced with timber sash windows by a company called the Window Clinic in Croydon - We opted for a timber sash over PVC because the price difference was not that significant.


Thank you for this. Did you use them to reduce sound or just because you wanted to have wood rather than plastic? How did you find them if for noise reduction?


Our double glazed windows were already pretty good for noise reduction, though I’d say the new windows are slightly better. Graham at the Window Clinic is very helpful, and will I’m sure be able to advise you on the best way to proceed with respect to noise reduction.


We actually ordered from Window Clinic and the windows are due to arrive in a couple of weeks. Very impressed with Graham and will report back once they are installed.


Ordered new window from Window Clinic. Fantastic service from start to end. Very competitively priced and a Which Recommended Trader. Would definitely recommend.


just wondered if the road traffic/speed bump sound reduction is as good as you had hoped for? We’re considering getting secondary glazing over existing double glazing for improving sound proofing.


I think secondary glazing is meant to be much better than just single glazing. However we couldn’t do this as we already had shutters so wouldn’t have worked.

It has worked. It doesn’t stop noise totally but I can hear a good reduction- we’ve got the acoustic glass in which is a bit extra but is said to deflect noise and vibration :slightly_smiling_face:


Secondary glazing is much better for noise reduction as the gap between the two panes of glass is much larger.


Are there any downsides to secondary glazing? How easy is it to open windows for ventilation? We are looking at secondary glazing period sash windows to reduce road noise. Is this the best option for sash windows, does anyone know?