Seeking Waters shop unit owner

Hello! Sorry to reply to such an old thread, but I was hoping someone might have contact details/name or similar for whomever owns the Waters unit?

Thanks in advance!


have you tried the phone number?


No! I hadn’t spotted this. On it, thankyou!

That number belongs to Dawson’s Property Services - 21 Perry Vale.

Ha - I think that notice is even on Google Street view

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I’m not sure if this is somehow relevant to the Waters Enterprises saga regarding their lease?

However, it looks like the Freehold of the building was sold in Feburary of this year.

Wow that’s spectacular timing depending if you’re buying or selling.

Quite! I do hope something will come of it though - it’s been empty ever since I’ve lived in SE23.

Someone put a hole through the floor about 6 or so months ago and nothing seems to have happened since.

Zoopla also lists the February sale, and if you look at Lewisham’s record of planning applications there was one for the property (14 Perry Vale) rejected recently, and a new application submitted. I’ve not looked beyond the planning application title, but I think it may be for the area behind the shop, rather than the shop itself.

The name and address of the owner can be found on the planning application too (though no phone number).

PM me if you need a pointer to the planning application.

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I think the property has already been bought by a restauranteur to be turned into an Italian deli type place so I don’t think this space will be suitable for your bakery :worried:

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Yeah, sounds like that’s the case! Hoping it gets used for something amazing for us all! Thanks for the info

Thankyou! First class investigatory skills!

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