Sewage leak on Westwood park

There has been a leak at the Westwood park/Honor Oak Road intersection for about 10 days and it smells absolutely horrendous walking up the hill. Any residents know if this has been reported to Thames water? I can’t see any issues on the map.

There was a Thames Water van there last night. Hopefully it has now been sorted. It smelt horrific but I only ever walked past in the dark so couldn’t see where it was coming from.

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Hey, thanks for getting back to me. I contacted Thames Water yesterday and they said they’d be working on it today.


I walked past it tonight - there’s a pothole in the road and it’s still leaking and flowing down the hill… smells pretty bad.

If you email me ( with photos, I can also raise it with Thames Water (/ our officers, if there’s a pothole). Thanks!


Thanks Sophie, I’ve sent you a photo of the potholes.


Hi all,

I spoke to Thames Water. Yesterday, they told me that following the granting of an emergency permit, their engineers were on site and about to begin work. They will provide an update when it’s done.

I’ve also flagged the pothole with our Highways team - I will update when I know timelines for addressing this.



Fab, thanks Sophie!

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