Sfizio: Modern Italian Kitchen on Perry Vale

There’s a banner up over the Perry Vale “Coming soon: Pizza Tapas & Cocktails”. Sounds promising.


Tapas, yes. Tapas and pizza? WHY???


Guess they are worried about casting the net wide enough in that location. Pizza for the kids. Tapas for the grown ups?

Kids love tapas, there’s always plenty they can eat, so I wouldn’t think that’s the reasoning. But I agree, it’s about widening the net. To me, though, that implies lack of confidence in their offer. I’d love to see a restaurant there with focus, doing something - one thing - really well.

My ‘WHY??’ was more of an existential howl than a question.


Yeah I agree. It also waters down their marketing message. What is it. ?? Eg High Thyme suffers from this. They make nice food but it’s hard to occupy a space in people’s mind since they offer a jack of all trades list.

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I would be reluctant to try a restaurant who diversify like this. Usually means neither is done too well and not a destination for either.
Also pizza?!! Aaagh!


How about we give them just a little chance to get things going? It could be the best pizza and tapas combo we have ever experienced. It could be that this is the new fusion food that will be all over Shoreditch by the end of the decade.

And, if i may be allowed a little rant for a moment, why do we all have to eat one type of food at a restaurant? A menu entirely based around chicken, or putting slabs of stuff in buns, or pizzas, or raw fish are all very limiting. When i eat with friends or family we rarely all want to eat the same thing, so a bit of diversity on the menu is good.

A cocktail bar with tapas sounds like a good idea to me and the pizzas will allow them to provide proper meals.

It might work, it might not and they might need to adjust, but I hope that one way or another it is successful.


I agree and I really hope this is a success. The location is great for an after work bite.

I also think Tapas will be great for two reasons. 1) you can scale it up to be as big or small as your appetite and 2) you can scale it up or down depending on budget.

With some good cocktails, beers and wine I could see this being a real success. :crossed_fingers:

Definitely let’s give them a chance!

I wish this new restaurant the best, but I agree with @RachaelDunlop about the lack of focus.

I’ve never eaten in a memorable “fusion” restaurant. Except perhaps Burger and Lobster - but in that case they succeed on a deliberately limited offering, and they are not mixing two “cultures”

When I think tapas I think Spain. Sangria. Churros. Donde.

When I think pizza I think Italy. Burrata, tiramisu, Mamma Dough.

If the new restaurant is for families with kids, perhaps the tapas/pizza combo will work. But I can’t see it being a memorable offering for adults. Hoping to be proved wrong


IMO the thing that scuppered the Perryvale was lack of focus. That’s something any new owner should take on board.


Perhaps it’s a new concept in small pizzas? Much depends on whether there’s a comma between pizza and tapas. :nerd_face:

There’s a great Venetian cicchetti place near work that do pizzettas and small plates of pasta, antipasti and secondi. Invariably I hear it described as Italian tapas and mini pizzas.

Fingers crossed that whatever it is, it’s tasty, reasonably priced and a success.


Will they get enough footfall for the venture to be a success?

Venetian small plates would be amazing.

A substantial restaurant with a specific offer doesn’t rely much on ‘footfall’. It needs a USP and smart marketing to get people to specifically come.

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Here’s the banner:

Sounds like it will be called SFIZIO?!?

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As Londoners don’t we pride ourselves on mixing ‘cultures’? A new take on Med cuisine, how wonderful and brave. Change is progress after all.

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Ah, new information. The sign says ITALIAN tapas. That’s much more encouraging.


Oh. It could be like Polpo in Central London. That would be amazing.

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I LOVE Polpo. I’m obsessed with Venice, and love that cuisine.

Sfizio is a common name for Italian restaurants. It sort of means ‘a little of what you fancy’.


Looking at the photos posted after your reply it looks like this venture is opposite Forest Hill train station. Even though it’s on the same road, for some reason I never associate Perry Vale as that far up. I assumed it was opening on the parade on the corner (thereabouts) of Perry Vale and Perry Rise. Footfall clearly won’t be an issue, regardless of their USP and/or marketing.