Sfizio: New Tapas bar on Perry Vale



Opening end of this month according to the guys working there yesterday.


Lights on, people in there tidying and moving things around. The interior still looks good from how it was!

Very exciting to see the shutters up again.


Having just had an outstanding Italian meal in Covent Garden I’m now even more excited about a local venue. Please please let it be good.


I do worry a bit for the other Italian restaurant on Perry Vale. Hope they can both do well somehow


Pizza Della Cucina has a dedicated and (hopefully) loyal following. It’s amazingly family-friendly and a lovely place.


It’s my go to for amazing Pizza and great beer garden. I’m looking forward to the new place too.


The garden at Piazza della Cucina is amazing - and it was absolutely heaving on a weekday evening when we were there the other week. I love their charcoal pizza bases too.


I know the people behind this. They are local residents.

I have sampled their food at family events & it is very authentic Italian. It could be a really very good addition.

Referring to tapas could be misleading & maybe undoing themselves. Italian small plates are often the kind served in Venetian bàcari.

If anyone has had chance to go to Polpo in Central London, that will give you an idea.

Give them a chance

SORRY - I just saw Rachels post


Holy Cow. “Polpo” in Forest Hill would be a big win


The new Italian restaurant has the advantage in that it can be accessed by the disabled.


While true, that’s not the fault of the other pizza restaurant who really have made the best of what they have.

And sadly the Perry Vale is still a long way around from Forest Hill platform 2… If only the lift there went to street level.


I’m looking forward to it. We really liked the Perry Vale restaurant. But I’m guessing the rents are high in that new build hence two restaurants have failed there already.


Their website is up, the menu is making me hungry! https://www.sfiziotapas.com/


That looks the absolute business!


From the website.

Sfizio opened in October 2018

Is it open already? And…

Whilst Sfizio will be using the finest San Marzano tomatoes from the Valley of Sarno, and fresh Mozarella Di Bufala.

Please please please please let them have some of this for offsales. I miss the great selection of Italian tomatoes at Il Mirto. Some nice wines listed too.


Oooh! That menu is sounding good! :yum:


looks great!


see you all at ‘Apperitivo Time’ !


Is it open on a Friday? The website seems to be missing that detail!


Yes I noticed the same but when you scroll down at the bottom of the page it mentions reservations and quotes Friday opening times to be same as Monday to Thursday.