Sfizio: New Tapas bar on Perry Vale



So when are we all rocking up? And has anyone figured out when they actually open?


And is anyone confident that they have the correct pronunciation of the name?!


I’ve used their contact form to ask when they actually open. I will update when I get a reply! Or when I’ve got in first and am sitting with a drink :grin:



They could have helped us by naming it

This looks like it can really work here - great menu, good prices so good luck to them (and I don’t think it will necessarily be to the detriment of La Cucina because 2 similar restaurants can create a bigger draw of clientele, which they share between them)


All looks lovely! Can’t wait to try


Looks good. When is it open?


Just walked past and they are finishing signage, tables inside were set ready- gonna be v soon by the look of it!


Apparently they aim to have a ‘soft opening’ this coming Tuesday.
Looking forward to trying it soon!


Looks cozy already, even without the customers!


Menu looks nice. Hope it succeeds.


Lucky for them to inherit all the gorgeous fixtures and fittings from the Perryvale.


Looks like it might be open to the public tonight… A few people in there, all tables set and looking nice.


They were handing out pizza samples when I went past earlier. Shame I was on my bike!


First reports back from the locals - it’s REALLY good pizza. Well-sourced ingredients, nice menu…oh god please let it be great and stick around!


We popped in for a quick drink on the way home after being persuaded in by free pizza. Staff are nice and the food looked good!! Booked a table on Saturday to give it a proper go


Had dinner here this evening. Throughly recommended. The food was great, very fresh and tasty and made using quality ingredients. The pizza was outstanding and the tapas, especially the aubergine and mozzarella balls were good. The service was a little slow and muddled but to be expected on day 3 but I’m sure will improve over time. The restaurant was full when we left at 8.30 so hopefully a sign of things to come.


SO many teething problems! Hopefully they sort it out. But a long way to go.


All I have to say I’s WOW! This place in forest Hill is amazing , the food is brilliant with a large range , it is fantastic for all ages and families , very clean and fantastic enviroment ,the staff is friendly and kind, the quality was fantastic , great place to spend a night with a couple or a family.


I’m a bit suspicious.