Sfizio: New Tapas bar on Perry Vale



Yes. All the hallmarks of a fake review imho.

We went last week and I’d call it a work in progress. Drinks-wise our £5.50 Mocktail artived in a cheapy ikea glass unstirred, without the advertised fresh mint and crushed ice and it tasted pretty foul. Peroni arrived in a glass too small to contain it. Only 1 red and 1 white by the glass. Folded bits of handwritten card to denote table numbers. Service chaotic and slow but really friendly. Pizza dough tough and chorizo not great quality. Manager not that interested in feedback.

I’m sure some of these things will be addressed as they become established, some are I’m sure my own pedantry, but some speak to a misreading of what a successful urbane restaurant needs to deliver on to get customers coming back.


Only one way to tell for sure, and that’s to go and try it for ourselves!


it’s missing the unimportant negative point used to avoid flagging algorithms… ie:

“the quality was fantastic, it was a shame the light bulb above our table blew, but a great place to spend a night with a couple or a family.”


However, as you say, it was week 1 and even pro critics give places a bit of grace until things have bedded in.

So far, there’s one good and one middling review - and one which is possibly from a friend to the business. Having said that I was once accused of a fake review on EDF for a local coffee shop when I was genuinely a customer with no connection whatsoever (albeit with a much longer posting history)

I’m looking forward to trying it in the next few weeks.


Went last Friday without a reservation and was told there were no tables free at the moment but we could wait at the bar. I think they forgot about us though as an hour went by and we were still at the bar. They did let us order the tapas food to eat att he bar but we couldn’t try the pasta or pizza. The food was really good and the drinks weren’t too expensive, but I think they might need to work on their communication with customers. Will try it again soon (with a reservation!).


Same thing happened to me ,I did point out that the benches had space manger just rolled his eyes and repeated you can wait at the bar ,not inpressed with his attitude so walked out


@LEON Can you direct the owners of Sfizio to this thread? Every new business can benefit from this sort of feedback and ironing out service issues early on is essential.


Good shout.


I went tonight and had a really good meal.
Spoke to the owner and his brother is the head chef. The food was tasty…The tiramasu was nice but needed a bit more coffee, the prawn spaghetti was yummy and the small plates of meatballs and arancini were good.
Only one white and one red by the glass but the red was nice so no complaints.
Service was prompt but the staff could be a little friendlier but they are pleasant.
Would recommend and would go back.


Yet to try this but I had a pleasant chat with the owner when passing yesterday, in which I also mentioned this thread. After many, many years of experience in the business he is confident in his product and was quite clearly all over the detail of his first week of operation. He says most feedback has been excellent and believes the great majority of customers will come again.


I had some tapas snacks here and one of the strongest negronis of my life this week. The staff was friendly although def need to settle into their roles a little more comfortably. The reviews of my companions who ate a full meal were positive, and the owner was very friendly when I introduced myself as a neighbour. I think in inheriting the interior of the Perry Vale, which doesn’t remotely resemble the visual identity of Sfizio (which extends to a logo and a menu at the moment) they’ve got a bit of a problem with image. Nothing in the space screams “warm friendly Italian restaurant”, which would be something I’d recommend they work on over time. But the food was nice, the staff were nice, the drinks were great (hic) and I’m cautiously optimistic for their future.


To be honest, that’s not a look that would attract me to a tapas and cocktails venue. I’d be looking for something more contemporary.


Fair, but their logo doesn’t look contemporary either. It’s got a bit of a personality/brand crisis going on which I think needs time to sort itself out. They’ve got an interior that says one thing, but a menu/site/logo that says something very different. I feel that for a place to take root and build a following, it needs a bit more confidence in its identity. But then, visual identity is my job, so I’m always going to place more value on stuff like that than others might. The main thing should be the food!


Agreed it needs to be synthesised. If it were me, though, I’d make the logo and other graphics match that beautiful interior, not the other way around. Piazza Della Cucina changed its frontage and identity fairly swiftly to something much fresher and more contemporary and it was an excellent decision.


We went last night and made our way through at least half of the small plates :smiley:

Food was really good, the wine was nice, the staff were pleasant - we will definitely be back. I really like the decor, but the orange branding does nothing for it, I agree with Rachael that they should change the branding to match the interior. I like the idea of tapas and cocktails more then “friendly local Italian” - there’s a good one of those on Sydenham Road which is a similar distance from my house, something different is much more appealing. We agreed that one of the selling points was that it wasn’t the same as is on offer elsewhere!

Next time, I’m having cocktails!


Went last night, really enjoyed it. Great, fresh calamari, decent pizza, nice house wine and cocktails. Could be a little cosier but overall pleased to have a new place in the area. Ticks a lot of boxes, would go back.


Ate here last night, would echo most of the comments so far. Food is really good. Service is a little haphazard but i’m sure that will sort itself over time. Felt it was a little pricey, but then I imagine the overheads of that site are quite high, especially if The Perry Vale couldn’t make it work either. Will be back though!


What is the pricing like. ?


Here’s the menu.

I think it’s in the upper region of reasonable. But then I haven’t eaten a full meal here yet so maybe it stacks up.


Sounds about right. Not tried. You don’t go there to save money right :wink: