Sfizio: New Tapas bar on Perry Vale



Do they serve the tentacles with the calamari? It’s my favourite part and i don’t know why restaurants rarely serve them!


No but I wish they did! Agree it’s the best bit!


also went last night. We treated it as tapas and split 3 fritti, 3 tapas and one huge plate of homemade pasta (Orecchiette Pugliese, delicious!) between 3 of us. With a soft drink, a couple of bottles of house red (very nice Nero d’Avalo), coffees and a shared tiramisu to taste it came to a tad over £30 a head. This was plenty of food for 3, and it was all very tasty, hot and arrived together. Manager and staff team were all welcoming and happy to chat. Will definitely go again.


Just wanted to share my review of Sfizio. My husband and i went Friday night. We hadn’t booked but they accomodated us just fine.

I dont think we were advised very well by the waitress as she told us to choose two tapas and a main each. Well, turns out that was a little too much food for two people! We should have done two tapas each and a main to share (or similar).

The tapas dishes we chose (calamari, slow cooked beef, octopus and melanzane) were fine but the mains (orrecchiette and bufalina pizza) were delicious!

The thing i thought was odd though, was that they brought all the dishes out at the same time! I dont quite know why they did that and whether we were expected to order as we went along but it did mean we were in and out within an hour. Probably explains why we couldn’t finish our food either…

We will go back but we will focus on the larger dishes.