Shannon's Garden Centre

Lovely family run business - very friendly if you make the effort!
Henry Shannon who started it has just passed on so they have been shut for a few days.
This reminds me to pop by and offer my respects.


Thank you! I have lived here 25 years and never knew. Sorry to hear about the owner. I don’t drive, but I am garden mad and my only options (I thought) were Homebase and Savacentre. Is it up near the fire station? I need to plant some bulbs in sept/oct so I will be sure to visit.

Here is Shannon’s. Handily also located by a Travis Perkins and a Maplin.


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Thanks for that! I will visit soon to buy my bulbs for Spring flowers!

The Garden Centre has been in Forest Hill longer than most of us.

I got this email as I am on their mailing list so passing it on. They should have reopened by now.

Dear Customers & Friends,

We would like to inform you all of the sad news that our dear father Henry ‘Bob’ Shannon passed away on 17th July 2017.

Although he was a good age at 86 he had not been ill and so this was a great shock to all of us.
As many of you know - our father opened our Garden Centre in 1989 and worked with us until his retirement.
He then went back to live in his beloved hometown of Loughrea in Co Galway where he was so bored he started working again and did not stop until he was 83. He has been living here in Sydenham near to all of us, his 4 children, for the last 18 months and you may have seen him on his frequent visits to the shop to check up on us !

We are a family business and have carried on opening the shop since he passed as that is what he would want us to do.

However his funeral will be held at the end of this week and we feel, in honour of his memory and to enable us to celebrate his life with our relatives, we will now need to close the Garden Centre.

So we would like to inform you that the shop will be closed from the close of business 5 pm on Wednesday 2nd August 2017 and will reopen on Monday 7th August 2017 at 9 am.

Thank you for your understanding at this difficult time,

The Shannon Family
Bernard, Linda , Paul & Mary-Clare


Pleased to note that @Shannonsgc have joined and will be posting up their easter offers later in the week.

Thanks again, Shannon’s, for helping us prepare the wall for the Forest Hill Mural :+1:


Went in today to stock up on new plants for all my pots. What a lovely selection as ever, and such knowledgable staff who help me find the right plant, size etc. The staff really do go over and above. Definitely worth a visit if your beds and pots are looking a bit dreary still.


I was there today too buying tomatoes, sweet peas, courgettes and strawberries. And compost. I never seem to have the perfect combination of pots, plants and compost. The staff are lovely and sometimes you will see a neighbour’s cat who makes themselves at home in the shop and completely ignores all the activity going on. They also deliver if you can’t carry what you want.


That’s Jacob


Thanks Chris. He’s lovely.

Not sure if I’m using the right categories here. Just to say that it’s worth keeping an eye on Shannon’s FB page. Yesterday I spotted they had veg seedlings. You drop them an email with your wish list. They call you back and go through what they have, you pay by card and then go to the back gate and phone to collect your order. Really easy and good to support them. Doesn’t seem right that B&Q can be open but garden centres closed.


Yes they seem to be restocking, getting lots of orders, then restocking again - I hope this is helping them. For a garden centre the lockdown has come at the worst possible time.

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Just collected a couple of grow bags. Got tomato plants last week and then realised I needed something to put them in! Talked to one of the partners. They are well down on business so need all the support we can give them. They’re working on 4 laptops so getting back to people quite quickly.


I spoke to them yesterday and although they are working they are operating at 20% of turnover so it is very hard for them. They are a great bunch so I encourage everyone to try to channel a bit of business their way - tough times for everyone and we need to support our local services.


Follow them on Facebook as they have different plants in each day.
Today trees, peonies shrubs.
They respond so quickly.

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Definitely recommend Shannon’s at the moment - and they’re just had a compost delivery this afternoon. Very speedy response when you email them

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Shannons are great lovely people and every plant I’ve ever brought from them has thrived wonderfully where as ones I’ve purchased elsewhere have been pretty rubbish in case anyone was thinking Im an ace gardiner!

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Sent an email yesterday. Got a call today. Will pick up my order tomorrow.

Great service!