Share your favourite takeaway!

Getting a takeaway on a Saturday night is the highlight of my week at the moment. Let’s use this for celebrating the best takeaways (restaurants and dishes) in our area.

Here’s mine:

Thai from Matoom. The best dish is the aubergine salad! Also love the corn fritters. And my husband says the lamb massaman is one of the best ever.

Fried chicken from Coq Fighters. The original is the best! But the honey ginger is also amazing. In Brockley but delivers to HOP.

Pizza from Pizzarte. My kids favourite! Love all the ones I’ve had so far.


The 100-hour marinated shoulder of lamb with beetroot rice from Babur (


The smoked cheese on our pizza from BoNA is still giving me cheese dreams :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Big Cheeks Thai in Forest Hill is truly excellent!
Highly recommend the Moo Ping starter and the Chicken Massaman Curry


That’s a great looking Halal recipe. I’ll have to try that. I’m also a fan of Babur.

Agree Matoom is also consistently excellent.


Gurkha’s in Sydenham is our favourite for Indian food delivery.


We always get Babur to go for our standard curry (chicken shashlik and the lamb/honey dish) plus lots of veggie sides). What would you recommend from Gurkha?

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I’ve eaten in the restaurant but never got a takeaway from the posh Babur? Does it work as a takeaway? I feel like I’m going to be disappointed if it’s not as good as the restaurant.

It’s really good. It was collection only before, not sure now. Since we had kids and found it more difficult to eat there in the evenings we used it quite a bit.

Don’t get me wrong I’d rather eat there but the food has always been good (we live 2 minutes walk from it so in fairness doesn’t take long to get out of the kitchen to our plates).


The posh Babur is very much an upmarket takeaway with the food in vacuum packed containers and (which I generally have to cut into!). The take away menu covers approximately half of the dine in menu. I would say its very close in quality to restaurant. They even do some of their cocktails (though I assume this has had to stop with latest lockdown). Of course it comes at a premium price - but it is very good.

Mind I enjoy the “traditional” Babur to Go as well - hits the spot as well.


Babur takeaway from the main restaurant works surprisingly well. We’re also big fans of Big Cheeks Thai. And last night we had a wonderful meal from Sushi Garden, which also travelled really well.


Ooh sushi. Any recommendations of what to order from Sushi Garden?

If you live close enough (I know some places in SE23 are) then I would recommend Ganapati for Indian. It’s a restaurant in Peckham that opened a separate takeaway kitchen.


Agree with some mentioned already but I will add in

Rise burgers are delicious

Brockley’s Rock

Nonna Maria is a fantastic addition to the area - better pizzas will be hard to find (if you like proper Italian style pizza)

Le Querce was one reason we moved here and remains a real gem


Would second Rise Burgers!

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Fantastic. I have not tried Nonna Maria pizza but I will. I definitely prefer a traditional Italian pizza vs sourdough at the moment.
Does la Querce do takeaway?

One of my lockdown #1 highlights was eating rise burgers on Blythe hill on a gorgeous summer evening.

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Oh sounds good. I am very much the Peckham side of se23. Any recommendations of what to order?

I really like the biriyani and their paratha is known for being excellent - it travels ok (not perfectly though). I don’t think I have ordered from their current menu, but I have only ever had one dish there which I wasn’t totally happy with, and I must have eaten their cooking 40 times.

Nonna maria is sourdough, which I thought was traditional. I’ve never been completely sure though - I asked a New Yorker friend why they don’t have sourdough there and she guessed it was because people wouldn’t like pizza to be f***ed with. La Cucina is a decent thinner crust pizza.


If you go to Naples, where pizza was invented, that’s the style of pizza you’ll get at Nonna Maria