Share your pictures of SE23


The Instagram account is going live shortly and we would love to share some of your favourite pictures of the area (taken by yourself).

Please make sure you own the rights to the picture or at least have permission to use it.

So, got a picture you want everyone to see… Get posting and we will get it up for the world of Instagram to see asap.

Personal introductions

Great stuff, @anon64893700 - can’t wait to see this flowing with photos. With Havelock, the green spaces, the markets, festivals etc there should be plenty of photogenic content for this.


Indeed, I will of course be checking with everyone before reposting from their accounts. Anything submitted here will be considered consent given to share (with a mention of course)


From a few years back a very wintry One Tree Hill and Honor Oak


Lovely pictures there @squashst Thank you for sharing .
I have posted one for now, just trying to find our feet a bit so apologies for the vagueness.
But congratulations on being the first person to have an image posted on


The flood of 2016


And the opening day of the Overground - no expense spared at Penge West station!


How about the view from Forest Hill station at a time of day I’d rather not remember :wink:


Beautiful @armadillo, would love to share that if that’s ok?


They really went all out there eh @squashst haha


Of course @anon64893700. I’m more than happy for you to share it.


Many thanks, I shall do it soon.


Just to be sure here before I get it wrong. That’s rather early in the morning is it not? Aka sunrise @armadillo


Yep thats right @anon64893700


Sunset over One Tree Hill - from the Honor Oak side


Beautiful, ok to share @honoroakbloke?


How about this local landmark?


Haha where is that @thirstforwine?


It is outside the new aveda / geddes place on London Road


Be my guest, as long as you credit me!