Share your pictures of SE23


Quick snap of the sunset




Storm tonight!




From a couple of days ago before the thunderstorm


That is dramatic!
For me, the delicate church spire somehow seems so vulnerable to the weight of those huge menacing clouds.
Reminds me of this - (not in Forest Hill though)


Interesting perspective. With the church lit so it appears defiant.


It is almost as if these structures were built to tower above the earth, reaching up to the heavens to connect with something higher than ourselves. Demonstrating the power of the church to rise above mortal matters and reach out toward the godly.
Nowadays we leave such symbolism to the banks, the broadcast media, and space tycoons. And the church spires are converted into homes for the upwardly mobile.


I wonder if that is the same lightening bolt from a different angle …


I take this photos in Horniman Museum garden in 2014 and shortly after they all been cut down and they never plant anything that lovely again… glad I still have pictures…last one looks like chicken wings :smile:


Great photos, you’ve captured the colours nicely. The last one does look strange! - sesame seed maybe!

I think the first one is a Tiger Tomato, they definitely had some once, and I started growing them (or trying to) after seeing them there.

I’ve always liked walking through the gardens there, good ideas for lots of things.

I note you’ve been giving some of your photo stuff away, are you moving way from photography (which would be a shame!)?


Glad you like it, I was lucky that day and the light was great.
I give away stuff I don’t use. No time for photography as my main job takes all the time. I do keep camera so not moving away from it completely…


Flew in this morning - great view of South London. I think I got most of SE23 from St Dunstans College on the right just above the centre line to Dulwich College on the left. You can see the gas holders in Sydenham and everything in-between. Hello everyone, and apologies for the aircraft noise

Claus ducks


Great pic - and it puts the gas-holders into perspective.

They hold no significance over the rest of the subjects in the picture.

No need to apologise for the noise - it’s an acknowledged fact that Londoners need their flights for leisure and business trips - and that some level of noise inevitably goes with them.


The ‘noise’ thing was a mildly sarcastic dig at the ongoing aircraft noise thread which I’m really not going to kick off in here.

I actually like how the gas holders stand out quite prominently in blue.


Great picture! I can see my house!

PS: Note that you can mute threads you aren’t interested in… but I did get the joke :slight_smile:


View from Blythe Hill tonight - looks better with your own eyes, if you’ve never been up you should!

The Shard

Canary Wharf


I love these, thanks for sharing. That ‘thing’ on Bishopsgate is going to be HUGE given how high the concrete core goes. And it’s square and boring.


Thanks! The speed of building is crazy - I use to work near Bishopsgate and walk through recently and there was so much new!


winter is coming…as seen from Como road this evening.