Share your pictures of SE23


There’s this - from Devonshire Road Nature Reserve - maybe for another day


And another local favourite (for another day again…) taken outside the entry to Mayow Park from the Silverdale side ( so RIGHT on the boundary of SE23 )

p.s. this bench too is now, sadly, only a memory as it was removed shortly thereafter


But of course @HonorOakBloke, real name or username? :slight_smile: All up to you,


2 Lancaster bomber at the Claxton air show 2 years ago. Very close to my heart as my dad flew in the Lancaster mid upper gunner


doesn’t look THAT much like SE23 down below though :wink:


Lol I think this is a “beyond” image. And a fantastic one too. Thanks for sharing @Baileysmum



Username is just fine!


Whilst I love any great picture, and we could share our favourites, I’d just like to refer you to the intention of the thread which was to collect some great photos of the area (i.e SE23) that might be shared via the SE23.LIFE instagram account in order to give a flavour of the area.

I’m not sure we want to disappoint visitors looking for the local fishing trawlers :wink:


Indeed @thirstforwine that is the intention for the Instagram account, but no harm in people sharing a few cheeky favourites of what are clearly not taken in SE23. Everyone can join in that way, as some are unlikely to have images of the local area.

I’m sure the balance can be found, and if necessary the thread split to differentiate between over all favourite pictures taken, and those of the local area. As ever, trial and error with plenty of room for adjustment. Just finding the interests of the community :slight_smile:



It’s all done and uploaded to the account :slight_smile:


I posted as it said beyond, maybe Claxton is just too far beyond. It was also an historic event Thumps & Vera (Canada’s Lancaster) flying together, the first time in decades more than one Lancaster in the sky


That’s ok @Baileysmum, don’t stress, we will take care of splitting the thread at some point, for now it was taken by a member of the community. Hope you don’t mind when I split the thread, I’m sure I will be adding to the new thread too :slight_smile:


No problem thanks snazy


Double rainbow encompassing the streets of Perry Vale :rainbow:


Wowza! Stunning and one for sharing for sure if that’s ok @TravelCounsellor Any preference on credit name used?


We get some cracking rainbows at this end of SE23 - I’m on Mayow Road, near where that pic was taken. If we get a bit of sun after the rain late afternoon, we’re almost guaranteed a rainbow in that direction.


I got a few that day, it was amazing, not sure id ever seen a double rainbow before.:slight_smile:


Glad you like the photo @Snazy I got a few that day had to keep pulling over to take more pics,. Travelcounsellor is fine, thanks x


All done, thanks again :slight_smile: