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One from the garden just now, after the rain


Very nice @thirstforwine, do love water droplets on pretty colours.

On the theme of rain. Waiting at the station this morning, with the skies making its intentions perfectly clear.


Rainbow over fab Forest Hill station!


Still one of my favourite signs in SE23

[Access to the Dartmouth Arms]


Another one of my all-time favourite photos of SE23 (from 2012)

This was taken in the window of the old launderette which has since metamorphosed into Pedder’s new offices.

I recall there was some confusion over when it would eventually be forced to close … :joy:


Haha when was this? I remember its long standing impending doom, but never saw the sign.
Epic !




Stunning eh!
Just before 9pm tonight.


Saw the double one from my kitchen window - thought for a moment I’d had too much wine.


Stopped me in my tracks too…



And from beyond…



Sadly painted over, not sure if Lewisham Council is responible…


Brockley Bob


Well this is SE23, , my photos have mainly been wildlife but I’ll see if I can dig anything else out, for now here is some wildlife seen in my garden over the years.

  1. Squirrel eating another stolen strawberry (have given up with them now!)

  1. Woodpecker keeping his food to himself

  1. Fox cub (in the days I had a pond and a fox den in the garden)

  1. Mind over matter Blue Tit


Great photos @oakr, love the shallow depth of field in particular.

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If you’re happy for us to share, we’ll create a new Pinterest board on SE23 wildlife/nature (hat tip to @Daffodil for the original suggestion)


Hi Chris, thanks and yes that’s no problem.