Share your pictures of SE23


Well this is SE23, , my photos have mainly been wildlife but I’ll see if I can dig anything else out, for now here is some wildlife seen in my garden over the years.

  1. Squirrel eating another stolen strawberry (have given up with them now!)

  1. Woodpecker keeping his food to himself

  1. Fox cub (in the days I had a pond and a fox den in the garden)

  1. Mind over matter Blue Tit


Great photos @oakr, love the shallow depth of field in particular.

Would you object to us sharing these on our social sites (Instagram and Pinterest)? We link back here for attribution.

If you’re happy for us to share, we’ll create a new Pinterest board on SE23 wildlife/nature (hat tip to @Daffodil for the original suggestion)


Hi Chris, thanks and yes that’s no problem.


Cranston in the snow.
Taken a few years back…


Just a quick beyond shot of Westshore beach in North Wales…
Might get this made into a canvas print for the living room.
(breaking myself back into the forum gently)


Photo taken a week after I’ve moved to SE23 this year. Gaynesford Street Festival.


From Macao - a really groovy restaurant - lets hope they open a brancn in SE23.


This is SE14, Telegraph Hill Upper taken on one of Lewisham Cyclists’ Tuesday evening bike rides. We had just ridden through SE23 and were on our way back through it again. Does that count?


It’s a gorgeous photo, in sure it counts :slight_smile:


I would love to know what they thought they were saying that came out as “rinse rinse boiler”. “Double-boiled rice”, like “twice-cooked chips”???


Camberwell New Cemetery this evening:


A couple of recent shots…


Something of a curio, London in the 1950s by car


Fantastic! Imagine driving for as long as 1m30s or even 2 minutes at a time and not even having to stop for traffic.

Anyone know where those shots were?

A surprising number of cars, actually, I thought.

Thanks for posting, @squashst!


THE CARS!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: I adore the 50’s; the films, the cars, the fashion, the music, so that was such a treat…and made me reeeeally want to spend my savings on a vintage car! I have no idea where any of it was filmed but it was beautiful, thanks for posting :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure the first two shots were in Chelsea down by the river (Chelsea Walk) and the last one was around Kensington High Street.

If it was anywhere east or south of Central London, you’d have seen many bomb sites still waiting to be rebuilt.


Morning spider Web in the sun on Perry Vale


A lovely picture my mum sent me of Horniman Gardens back in the 1890’s.


Great photo. Are those sheep in the background / what are they?


Feb 2009 in Honor Oak: