Share your pictures of SE23


And… that’s a good thing? Just checking.


A lovely thing: Stanford Estates’ traditional snowy railway scene. Makes me smile every year.


Walked past it yesterday, it brings out my inner child. Lovely display.


We are very lucky and often see double rainbows around here! WOW! The pot of gold is here! :smiley:

Look at those colours! How beautiful is this natural phenomenom? Free and priceless at the same time :slight_smile:


Crystal Palace Park boating lake on a foggy morning.


Here is one I took of “Woody” our local resident Green woodpecker. He pops down to the grass edge outside my flat, early most mornings (don’t think so at this time of the year or I maybe have not heard him) and announces himself by making woodpecker calling noises (not alarming ones, maybe “I am here getting breakfast” kind of noises (? lol) then proceeds to eat insects (?) as he hops along the kerb edge.You can just pick him out.:blush:

Here is one of a beautiful female Harris Hawk who came to “have a word” with the pigeon population hanging around Lewisham Hospital a while back. :scream:

She flew about, under the watchful eye of her handler and made her presence known (see her perched on a window sill outside of a ward room) What a joy to watch and the pigeons were well behaved that day :yum:


Living together in our wonderful community/area that is SE23
I like living where I do, mostly. Here is one reason why my patience is sometimes tried (I am not perfect myself though :grinning: ) but …

Tips on maybe how you could possibly open someones eyes to how other people feel, living around you (or, maybe how to not make an enemy of a near neighbour?! lol)

Here is one I took of a sticky note I put on our communal rubbish shute one summer, when I was at the end of my tether because someone in my block, on my floor, kept on scraping waste food direct into the hopper :rage: Especially annoying in summer (unless you are a fly!) It seemed to have an effect, thankfully :innocent:

The reverse of the note too (as much as I love foxes and especially watching the young 'uns every spring-ish time, I do not appreciate them dumping on our walkways!) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I always try to get along with my neighbours. Sometimes it just takes a gentle nudge, word of advice or, even a “hello, how are you?” and a friendly ear. :wink:


[Shared with permission]

10/10 for effort! :angel: :heart:


Still chilly in Crystal Palace Park this afternoon.

Meanwhile, the dinosaurs are being restored. Here’s a few before and after comparisons.


Another at Crystal Palace


Spectacular full rainbow this afternoon from my kitchen window.


Didnt know there were baobabs in FH! :grin:


I’m not sure what species of tree that is. Beech maybe? Every few years it is brutally crowned. This vandalism was inflicted this week. In its full glory it is beautiful and its leaves rustle even when there is not a breath of a breeze at ground level. Many a summer’s afternoon has had the susurration of its foliage as background music. No more.


Interesting and rare little peek under Honor Oak Reservoir:

Learn to play golf - on top of Honor Oak Reservoir!

Mandarin duck spotted this morning in Crystal Palace Park. Such a dapper chap.


My cherry tree in Full blossom - Barriedale Allotments


Wells Park, looking stunning while I was stretching my legs on Wednesday.


Beckenham Place Park this morning.


The Cherry trees outside Honor Oak Park station, in full bloom. The beautiful sign of Spring.


Sunset in HOP tonight :heart_eyes: