Share your pictures of SE23


My new train service to London.


All for the cheap price of puts little finger in mouth one Billion pounds per year… !


£32 return and First Class.


Cheap as chips - Maidenhead return daily costs me £26 return…


Opposite the All Inn One this morning


Brilliant photo.


I had so many of these in the garden this year. Orange and yellow. I love them. So nice to see them in this setting.


My recent poppy pic from my road.

Kallik the new addition looking smart


He is a handsome chap, nothing like the owner :grin:


LMAO so true, although the owner is ginger too right now!
The lengths I go to to get snaps like this, laying in a park!! Eeew


View of the golf course on Honor Oak Reservoir, from Brenchley Gardens:


Right now.



View from the top of Standlake Point


Today morning:


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Spotted on scaffolding in HOP :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Taken in Sydenham at the station a while back. Love the quality of the pictures, true to life colour and such detail.


Lovely photo :slight_smile: Is that a grasshopper?



Errm I’m gonna say yes, but don’t really know lol

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