Share your pictures of SE23


My cherry tree in Full blossom - Barriedale Allotments


Wells Park, looking stunning while I was stretching my legs on Wednesday.


Beckenham Place Park this morning.


The Cherry trees outside Honor Oak Park station, in full bloom. The beautiful sign of Spring.


Sunset in HOP tonight :heart_eyes:


My new train service to London.


All for the cheap price of puts little finger in mouth one Billion pounds per year… !


£32 return and First Class.


Cheap as chips - Maidenhead return daily costs me £26 return…


Opposite the All Inn One this morning


Brilliant photo.


I had so many of these in the garden this year. Orange and yellow. I love them. So nice to see them in this setting.


My recent poppy pic from my road.

Kallik the new addition looking smart


He is a handsome chap, nothing like the owner :grin:


LMAO so true, although the owner is ginger too right now!
The lengths I go to to get snaps like this, laying in a park!! Eeew


View of the golf course on Honor Oak Reservoir, from Brenchley Gardens:


Right now.



View from the top of Standlake Point


Today morning:


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