Share your pictures of SE23


Will have to try this again but here is One Tree Hill just before 6pm today as viewed from just out of HOP station


The cutest long tailed tit in Forest Hill!


Wow really nice Rebecca! I’ve only ever seen them this side of the river, and only rarely in the garden but really like them. Is bird photography your favourite photography element? You’ve posted some really nice shots on here.


They are such sweet little things. They showed up for the first time ever in my garden last summer, about 10-15. I started feeding the birds from my second floor flat window by sticking window feeders on. I now get so many birds who sit on the elder tree just outside, so its easy to get close shots of them. I even had a jay come to my window! Sometimes I stick my head out and the coal tits are really friendly and land on me! There is also one particular parakeet who just sits on the windowsill and peers in at me - quite hilarious really. And my cats watching it all. Yes I love all wildlife and I love photographing them all. You have great shots too! I’ve always thought it would be great to have a show case of local photographers photography, especially a wildlife themed one!


Blackberries anyone?

#162 Wildlife Photographer of the Year … sounds like a plan!


I’d totally be up for it!


The Horniman looking good today. Blue sky and the moon too.


Slight contrast to the photo above! Snow is coming (relatively lightly).


I’m sure SE23 is in this picture somewhere.


Forest Hill today


And another Forest Hill today


Two seasons in one…

Quite happy with this one!


That there is pure class! Love that!


From my backyard in the morning (Westbourne drive)




Here’s one from his morning.

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Wow he is stunning now!:heart_eyes:


ok, joining the club.