Share your pictures of SE23


muggers alley


Taymount Rise this morning



Last night


This morning

Its going to be a bright but cold day!

Soon, they will be green :deciduous_tree: :wink:


Your pic just popped up in my reddit feed, @Foresthillnick (I didn’t realise you were on there!) - it’s doing rather well in r/London!


Very familiar view that :slight_smile:


Sorting through my photos - here are a few from those snow days!


Beautiful! Is that a Norwegian forest cat?


Hi Chris - he is! Though I think we might rename him a Barbadian Sofa cat in terms of his time indoors in the warm vs outdoors in the snow!

We rehomed him this summer - he’s a super cat though he does shed quite a lot of fur when, like now, his winter coat is going!


Beautiful! Where were those taken?


Hello. I’m fortunate enough to back onto a communal wood of sorts. Essentially it’s surrounded by houses on each side and access is only via those houses, and instead of some houses having large gardens the majority has been left as woodland (though the woodland is managed and we all pay a small annual fee towards that) - it’s amazing and I think the only one on South London, though who knows for sure.


Tonight’s rainbow


With just two days left until the official start of Spring, I just thought I’d share a quick photo of the local wildlife starting to make a showing in our back garden …


The one on the left looks like ‘the cat in the hat’ book by Dr Seuss :grin:


Is there a prize for spotting the cat - if there is it looks like GillB has won it.


Either that or I have an over imaginative mind from childhood & being a former teaching assistant too long :grinning:


Bell Green Sainsburys bus stop today 19:35pm


Magical evening in Forest Hill, 20:50pm, today.


Photos taken on Blythe Hill today, by Darren Francis (shared with permission):


Wow, I love the light in the second one - it was a good day for pics y’day - sunlight, and dark clouds.