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That is a great shot.


A few SE23 aerials for a different perspective!

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Drone enthusiasts in SE23

Amazing photos @Mike_Hemmings - thanks for sharing!

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Fabulous! Where are they?


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Thanks guys!

@Londondrz - I was using a DJI Mavic Pro, 2.7k edited in Premier or just Instagram.

@AndyS - All taken from Camberwell New Cemetry (bar the circus which is Dulwich Park )

The video didn’t upload but there are a few on instagram under 400ftflyer


Found a couple of old ones from when I had the bird feeder. The woodpecker would come several times a day - it was amazing. Also got to see 3 of them at one time a couple of summers 2 parents with a young one.


Quite a sunset over Forest Hill tonight!

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Honor Oak Park cherry blossom a few days ago:


Bit of spring colour

Lastly chives


Mayow park, dont know the name of the tree, but i think it is some sort of chestnut tree


Rather exciting weather tonight. Lightning over Dawson’s Heights taken from Ringmore Rise.

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A pic I took before enjoying the rest of the show


Great shot. Did you leave the shutter open on long exposure or just time it perfectly


Just seen on BBC Springwatch 28 May 2018 20:55.

Horse Chestnut.


Pond life

  1. Mosquito and little ones

Mozzie2 by alligator1975, on Flickr

  1. Froglet - just starting to emerge from the pond (well bucket)

Froglet by alligator1975, on Flickr

  1. And a resident adult

Frog by alligator1975, on Flickr


Blue Tit food


One more froglet - they will all have left the pond soon.