Shifford and Witney Path redevelopment?

Does anyone have an idea what’s going on with the houses on the Shifford and Witney path estate? I know Lewisham have been planning new homes for the area for some time.

Many of the houses are now empty and I’m finding it difficult to find any recent information regarding any redevelopment.

Thanks in advance.

I googled that yesterday and saw that Lewisham is planning to start building in 2017 and finishing 2018, however most of the houses are l&q owned so I guess this will be more towards sacred road. I assume shifford pathes will take the longest since there are many owned freeholds

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We are freeholders on Shifford Path and L&Q were supposed to have made a decision about redevelopment/refurbishment in January this year. We are still waiting for that decision. There are only about 2 or 3 empty homes on the estate - and L&Q know this! We badger them constantly that they have a responsibility to house tenants in need of housing…

It’s a really nice place to live - despite the outward appearance of some of the homes. There’s a lovely community of people who like it and want to improve it, rather than be forced out against the will of the majority of its residents.

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We live on Wynell Rd. Looking out our window there are four empty homes. I’m interested to find out what exactly the plans are beyond acquiring residents freehold. I’ve heard that the plans could include up 600 units!

I live in Wynell road too and despite the outside appearance I would hate to have big block of flats build there and loose the nice open space, I also know and chat with people from shifford path and some are living there for ages and it is obviously a close community there, must be difficult not knowing what the future holds

Interesting auto-correct of Dacres Road! :wink:

Lol yes I should read messages back before posting

Hi all,
I live on Shifford Path and we got a letter from L&Q a few weeks back saying that they are planning to make repairs to the overhanging houses (not sure what they’re called) as well as the guttering and the windows and doors for the L&Q owned properties (including Kelmscott). The letter mentioned that they are also going to fix the uneven paving – which I think will do a lot towards improving the general look of the estate. This work is scheduled to begin this month. Exciting! They will also be making the necessary repairs to get the empty houses tenanted again (or so they have promised).


That’s good news :smiley:

Update on this: There are two empty homes (owned by L&Q) on Shifford, and L&Q have now almost finished bringing them up to standard. They’ve almost gutted the insides and done a full refit so hopefully they will not be empty for long!

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This seems at odds to what’s going on in the houses opposite my house. Another family moved out this week, there’re now 8 empty houses and people have started dumping rubbish outside them again.

One of the homes was sold privately about 6 months ago and remains empty. There doesn’t seem to be any renovation or refurbishment work going on and it looks like the council are emptying the houses.

About 2 years ago? They had a meeting on the open space in shifford path. After a rude introduction being told I was not a resident but lived opposite in Wynell Rd a senior chap gave me a copy of a letter that contained details of an offer to owners of 10% above market value if in residence, 5% if it was a buy to let, and moving costs and rehousing for tenants. Might have the detail slightly wrong as no longer have the letter. The Manager chap said the properties were uneconomical to bring up to domestic housing standards that would be coming into force etc. He also said that they did not own the blocks in Windrush Lane in which I have an interest. So the fact there are empty properties and a constant dumping of furniture and detritus by the trees opposite 13/14 Wynell Rd makes me think something might be happening?
I have researched L&Q info and can find no info would like to see redevelopment which if well planned and the mature trees were retained could provide more homes open space and car parking (as no one uses their garage and park on pavement in Wynell road also many of the gardens are neglected.

Which makes me wonder what’s going on. There are clearly many residents taking Lewisham up on the offer yet others are being told that these uneconomical houses are being given to new tennents? It doesn’t make any sense.

Like you, I also did a planning search and failed to find any new information. For us it’s doubly frustrating as we’ve been on the waiting list for a new home for 5 years while there are loads of empty houses literally a stones throw away.

The person you need to speak to at L&Q is Jon Fish.

The reason the flytipping is so bad is because the council won’t remove the dumped waste because they say it’s L&Q’s responsibility if it’s on their land – and L&Q can often take a few weeks to remove it, which then attracts more flytipping.

Just to clear up any confusion – L&Q are the housing association – the council have nothing to do with placing or removing tenants (there was a stock transfer a few years back from Lewisham to L&Q).

To be fair the waste that’s dumped at the Mayow Rd end of Wynell Rd is usually cleared by Lewisham pretty quickly. Most of the time it’s cleared within a week. As long as properties remain empty there will be fly tipping.

I’m still no further in discovering exactly what’s going on with the vacant properties. There’s a lot of contradictory information. Our property was part of the stock transfer. Out neighbour passed away three months ago and that property also remains empty.

Strikes me the only way the information is going to be obtained is if a coordinated effort (petition) is sent to L&Q demanding an answer. This has to be from the residents as my previous experience suggests that non residents will be ignored.
Senior managers at LQ can be found via linked in. I also have some email addresses used to get work done on adjoining house that caused a danger to us, can supply…

Personally I can’t believe L&Q are not interested in development as the financial rewards from increased property density must be Tremendous? They have investors and with a combination of rented, shared and freehold properties the Shifford path site is a goldmine nicely done with open spaces and retained trees it could be a real asset.
I noticed that a recent eviction resulting from rental debts of £38k has resulted in the house up for sale at £370k so if the cost is £400k per plot plus build costs for say low rise apartments with 3 or 4 per plot at £400k looks like a good profit plus ongoing rental income and shared ownership. If I had millions would certainly take a punt :thinking:

Just to add I understand from my tenant that there is a Tenants Residents Association being set up for the Bampton Estate although it seems to be lacking support?
This would be an ideal vehicle to approach L&Q or Lewisham or both for more information as the estate is jointly managed with the ‘Points’ under LBC control and the paths under LQ.

Morning all, have there been any further updates to this situation? We are looking at a house for sale on Witney Path, I thought redevelopment might be a problem so Googled and found this thread. We currently rent in Sydenham and love the area, thought we wouldn’t be able to afford to stay but with this house it could be a possibility.

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Hi Mat,
A (very good!) update. L&Q have sent tenants and residents in Shifford and Witney a letter saying that they will no longer be looking at redeveloping the estate, based on the strength of opposition (and probably a few other factors as well). We’re all delighted – as it means we’re no longer ‘in limbo’ and freeholders can make improvements to their homes. Good news if you are looking to buy as well – the ex local authority houses in Sydenham and Forest Hill are pretty much the only ‘affordable’ option left for first time buyers in this area. We’re delighted with ours – massive room and we even have a garden.
PM me if you want more details, always happy to chat.

Thanks very much - I wrote a long reply but didn’t realised it would be posted here, can’t work out how to send you a message, will do when I get home later. Glad to hear about L&Qs decision!

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