Shifford and Witney Path redevelopment?



Just to add I understand from my tenant that there is a Tenants Residents Association being set up for the Bampton Estate although it seems to be lacking support?
This would be an ideal vehicle to approach L&Q or Lewisham or both for more information as the estate is jointly managed with the ‘Points’ under LBC control and the paths under LQ.


Morning all, have there been any further updates to this situation? We are looking at a house for sale on Witney Path, I thought redevelopment might be a problem so Googled and found this thread. We currently rent in Sydenham and love the area, thought we wouldn’t be able to afford to stay but with this house it could be a possibility.


Hi Mat,
A (very good!) update. L&Q have sent tenants and residents in Shifford and Witney a letter saying that they will no longer be looking at redeveloping the estate, based on the strength of opposition (and probably a few other factors as well). We’re all delighted – as it means we’re no longer ‘in limbo’ and freeholders can make improvements to their homes. Good news if you are looking to buy as well – the ex local authority houses in Sydenham and Forest Hill are pretty much the only ‘affordable’ option left for first time buyers in this area. We’re delighted with ours – massive room and we even have a garden.
PM me if you want more details, always happy to chat.


Thanks very much - I wrote a long reply but didn’t realised it would be posted here, can’t work out how to send you a message, will do when I get home later. Glad to hear about L&Qs decision!


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Let’s hope this decision and the security it offers will encourage the occupants of Shifford path to be responsible citizens and end the relentless dumping of rubbish, abuse of the recycling bins and general detritus which spoils the surrounding area.


I am sure you didn’t mean to imply that it was those on Shifford Path who are responsible for the persistent flytipping. Most of us are constantly calling the council about it


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Having witnessed the dumping on a few occasions with the responsible then returning to properties within Shifford path one can only ‘speak as one finds’ I am sure there are those residents for whom it is disappointing.
On my last walk I noticed several green bins that have been deemed by the council contaminated perhaps if non residents are fly tipping then some vigilance is required perhaps returning the bins once emptied to within the property. I understand there is a Bampton Estate residents association perhaps temporary cctv can be installed to record the number plates of the rogue fly tippers?


Thank you for your concern. There’s an active residents association for Shifford and Witney and we’re working closely with L&Q around flytipping. If you do see anyone (resident or not) flytipping, you can report it here


Hello, Hope this is the right place to post?

I have recently purchased a terrace house on Shifford Path. Planning to move in with my family very soon. I understand that the demolition of the houses is now not going to happen- Can anyone confirm this? Also I was wondering if other freeholders have received any information regarding contributing financially to improvements being undertaken on their house (shared terrace roofs, guttering etc)? Also has anyone seen any planning application of the redevelopment? If so how can I see them.

Really looking forward to moving to the area and meeting some of you.


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Hi Chris could I PM jmoney or some of the other contributers of this thread to find out more please?


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Hi Ollyz! Welcome to Shifford! Yes, we can confirm that L&Q are no longer going ahead with the redevelopment (demolition) and are now refurbishing. All they are doing so far is replacing the windows and doors and sofits on the tenanted houses and the guttering. They are looking into doing the roofs but that would only be for the L&Q homes and at our last residents association meeting confirmed that they wouldn’t be inviting freeholders to ‘buy into’ these repairs. As the redevelopment option is off the table now there are no plans (they hadn’t got to the planning stage anyway). There’s an active residents association and we meet with L&Q often, plus the contractors (Lawtech) are on site – and are happy to answer any questions. Good luck with your move and PM me if you have any more questions. :smile:


Shame that painting the houses is not included in the refurb but I guess it’s to much to ask for😃Love to see every house in a different colour could look great but really happy for all residents that the redevelopment is off the table


It’s something we’re pushing for, as I am sure would not cost much but would make a huge difference to the look of the estate. The ones on Inglemere that are painted look amazing :smile: