Shop unit needed!

Hello gorgeous neighbours! I am looking to open an upcycling business and shop, selling all manner of quirky collectibles, retro treasures, vintage clothing and upcycled items…being a local gardener (FB page Eden City Living) I may even sell plants too.
So, does anybody know of a shop unit I could lease/rent in our beautiful area? I see a few empty ones (happy to do some work on it!) so if anyone knows about those that would be helpful too!
I will certainly be making sure it’s an attractive and green addition to our neighbourhood :grin::sunflower::seedling::ear_of_rice::sunflower::seedling::ear_of_rice::blossom::hibiscus::ear_of_rice::sunflower::seedling::ear_of_rice::blossom::hibiscus:
Jason xx


Have you seen the old Waters fishmongers unit on the corner of Waldram Place and Perry Vale? It’s a lovely, prominent unit, with lots of light, and it looks like it’s just come on the market.


Massive hole in the floor…

Sounds really cool - can you do old vinyl, maybe some 35mm cameras. I’d be there every weekend :slight_smile:

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@clausy Do you know Mabel’s does vinyl on Kirkdale? Tons of stuff. Then if you have cycled to almost sydenham might as well pop down to Sugahill for even more vinyl:) sorted immediately

Re original post, sounds like a great idea of shop. Couple of other vintage shops on Dartmouth Road so hopefully could complement each other well. Not a landlord so cant help directly :slight_smile:

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Thanks I will check those out!

Oh that is a shame if that’s the case. I think after Water’s it is/was owned by Bruno & Maria Zoccola of Valentina Deli fame, who had also setup a company called The Corner Shop (Perry Vale) Ltd back in May.

I had high hopes and still do. Fingers crossed something good happens next :crossed_fingers:

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This sounds really cool! I’d shop with you for sure!
Dartmouth road seems to have a few empty units and you’d get decent footfall there too
Good luck

Call me a crazy optimist, but I’d imagine that’s getting fixed

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@westy1980 You are a crazy optimist :stuck_out_tongue: I think it has been there over a year - not sure why