Shops of days gone by

When I moved to SE23 in 1981, at the ripe old age of 8, for the first few weeks we didn’t have a cooker. Couldn’t afford one straight away, so will pennies sent from a relative, we lived on meals at a local eatery. While the cooker was ordered and delivered. Not as quick then as it is these days.

Anyway, we used to eat at the “Golden Griddle” :open_mouth:

Closed down decades ago now, but has always stuck in my mind.
Along with Myers Motors (tops tiles), Woolworths (McDonald’s then Energie) what other memories of shops do you have.?

Question, which shops gave way to the extention of Sainsburys? Still hard to believe it was once so different in there.

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Pre-Sainsburys extension there was a Woolwich building society and Redifusion or Vision Hire.
Check out this link for some reeeeaally old stuff -


Lol I remember it @Anotherjohn, I was just testing others. Hired my first ever TV from there.

Alldays on Waldram Park Road (now Co-Op)

Blockbusters on London Road (now a bargain store)

Blue Mountain Cafe on Waldram Crescent (now nothing)

Sainsburys Local at the garage on Stanstead Road

Old Bank italian restaurant, Honor Oak Park (now Mama Dough)

Mediterranean Deli, Honor Oak Park (now Hopscotch)

Bar Equal, Honor Oak Park (now Hattush)

Try Tapas Honor Oak Park (now Donde)

Casa Tequila Brockley Rise (now Le Querce)

St Germains pub Brockley Rise (now The Honor Oak)

Hobglobin (now The Signal)

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I miss it being a petrol station and having a Food Plus in there. Now that’s way back.

Swift Cycles on Dartmouth Road now there is another. Bought my first bike from there.

The kebab shop that used to be at the end of Sunderland Road. In the era of Myers Motors.

McDonalds next to Sainsburys (now a gym)

ABC Cinemas, then Mecca and now The Capitol

Was Woolworths before McDonald’s, crazy thinking that far back.

Don’t remember the cinema though, maybe before my time.

I think the tv rental shop became a Granada before closing down?

Surprised nobody has mentioned Midland Bank on Dartmouth Road?

More recently we lost the old Post Office to the Sylvan Post bar. (The PO moving into WHSmith).

There was also a £1 shop on Dartmouth Road, which I think is now @Pauline’s shop? (I’m sure Pauline told me this?)


See, now that’s what I’m talking about! Great call, totally forgot about that.

Keep em coming.

Not quite a shop, but how about the old darts factory? (unicorn?) I was reliability informed it was darts they made years ago…
Anyone remember where that was, and what’s there now?


There used to be a fishmonger where there is now a red cross shop (before that is was sainsbury but that was before my time).
Vickers florist and greengrocer where there is now Winksworth.
Galt Toys - not actually sure where that was, either Davids Road or Perry Vale.
Tesco then Londis where there is now Paddy Power.
Provender opposite the swimming pool.
A cheese shop and Turkish restaurant above a pawn shop near the bingo hall
Coffee roasters and deli where the Teapot is located. Can’t remember the name this morning.
Freeman Hardy and Willis close to Boots
West butcher plus veg stall where there is now William Hill
And there used to be a launderette opposite the station!

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Aaah the butchers, another I had long forgotten.
Now you mention it, I remember the Tescos, and have recollections of an accident with some scaffolding there. Too young to remember exact details but a child and a buggy rings a bell.

This thread really does show how much SE23 has changed. Really mind blowing when you put it all together.

Yes Martin, my shop was the pound shop :slight_smile:

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Midland Bank is now Paul’s jewellery school & studio :slight_smile:

And there was something called a ‘Travel Agent’ on the high street. You would go there to book train tickets.

They also had magazines full of holidays, some of which might be available. It was a bit like the internet only they printed everything out and didn’t update it.


And Bunka used to be an undertaker.
Gone but not forgotten.


lol oh how I long for days gone by! Nicely explained there too. Todays generation would be astounded at the lengths people used to go to just to book a holiday.
I remember we used to book coach tickets at a travel agents near the post office in Sydenham, and they would hand write the tickets after confirming the reservation on an antiquated simple computer system.

A friend used to live above there many years back. Actually didn’t notice it had gone.

My mother worked at Unicorn Darts factory.

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Aaah, thanks for clarifying it was all as I remembered lol. Remembered the logo and name, wasn’t sure I had the purpose right.

Was it there, or where the storage place is now? I thought it was the latter.

Think Unicorn darts factory is now where the storage place is? Next to maplin?


come to Forest Hill Fashion Week Writers Workshop on September 22 at the Library - we will be looking at fashion in locations - Forest Hill looked very different even when I came 10 years ago. We need people with memories like yours.

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