Shops of days gone by



Think Unicorn darts factory is now where the storage place is? Next to maplin?


come to Forest Hill Fashion Week Writers Workshop on September 22 at the Library - we will be looking at fashion in locations - Forest Hill looked very different even when I came 10 years ago. We need people with memories like yours.


Yep. Unicorn place is now the ShurGard. Not my sport but I recall reading somewhere that that site was a world class manufacturer of dartboards.

I remember when the Sabah fish and chip shop on Perry Vale was a chemist.

And the MoT garage on Perry Vale, which is now a block of flats.

And unless I’m very much mistaken, the health centre behind the old Perry Rise fire station used to be a Lada dealership.

And remember when there was a toy shop at the corner of Woolstone Rod and Perry Hill, anyone?


There was a fruit and veg place where Village Way hairdressers now is - is that what you were thinking of Michael? Or was there another place too? The one I’m thinking of was also called Village Way, if I recall. Always had a cat sleeping in the window.

The doors place (which is now gone) used to be a pet shop. We bought our first dog there.


I think the shop at Village Way was Vickers florist and greengrocer. The greengrocer by the butcher was a stall.


Vickers sounds vaguely familiar - but in any event I bow to your superior and encyclopaedic knowledge, @Michael.


There was also a petrol station, where the MOT garage is Honor Oak park / Brockley Rise. After the petrol station it was a garden centre for a while.


What was the name of the sweet shop on Perry Vale opposite Platform 2 at FH Station where the flats are now? Mum always used to take me in there for sweets.


The Cabin
And that’s exactly what it was. Next to where @finches used to have the gardening / camping shop.
That’s going back! Wow I just aged lol


That’s right! Cheers @Snazy


Thanks for challenging my brain there. Good memories back then


And not forgetting of course @rbmartin Finches removals (later Britannia) behind the cabin and finches garden shop.


Superb @Anotherjohn , brilliant find.


There used to be a little sweet shop on the corner of Gabriel St / Garthorne Road. I remember it from when I was really small do about 45 years ago


One of my customers told me that there used to be a car scrap yard type place where the gated houses are between The Framing Salon & what was B Cards on D Rd & the owners son was Damien in the film The Omen.

The same customer told me he had a weekend job back then in a vinyl record shop on London Rd.

Anyone know about these?


You’re right about the car place, @Pauline. I remember there was a car auction on that site one day. I was wandering around FH, had no interest in buying a car but was at a loose end and thought I’d wander up and have a look at what was happening and kill some time.

There was a crappy old Cortina or something like that up for sale. Someone bid £20 and I looked at the auctioneer to see who he was looking at so I could see who was bidding for it. Suddenly, the price was £25. Then it was £30 and I looked again at the auctioneer to see who he was looking at and the bid went up to £35.

Suddenly it dawned on me. Every time I looked at the auctioneer he thought I was bidding for the car! So I stared straight ahead at the Cortina, waited till it got sold to someone else for £40 then made a beeline for Dartmouth Road and never returned there again.


Hahaha Andy, at least you didn’t get lumbered with the car :slight_smile:


Tell me about it! I don’t even think I had a driving licence at the time!!!


Mrs Vickers reminded me of Sybil Fawlty.
Isn’t the Jewellers in Dartmouth road the oldest shop in Forest Hill? I wonder if the same person still works there or if it ever changed hands?
Does anyone remember the Tobacconist opposite the station,where the coffee shop now is?


Village Way was Plug & Socket which moved to London Road. Vickers florist and greengrocer was the shop next door