Shops of days gone by



Does anyone remember Wimpy, where The Teapot now is?


I think its where the opticians is next door to Sainsburys , on London rd.


Yes, I remember it well.
My mate ripped one of the tables off and threw it through the window onto the South Circular.
The Teapot’s clientelle are so much more refined.


What about the underground club (one of the Florist basements back then if I remember rightl) & the Mexican place you & @gulam05 have told me some brilliant funny stories about :joy::joy:

ETA What were they called.


I remember in the late 70s there was a Wimpy stopped there once lived in Hockley Essex at the time but on my travels remember it was easy to park and pop in for an International Grill…:stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, you’ve got me there.
I thought The Golden Griddle, which used to be in the pizza place down by the lights, did the International Grill.
Whatever - I couldn’t afford it. I just had plain ol’ Wimpy ‘n’ chips and a coke float (coke in a tall sundae glass with ice cream on top). 12p for the Wimpy, 10p chips and 10p coke float. (Mind you, I can remember a 3d (thrup’ny bit!) portion of chips after Saturday morning pictures down at the Peckham Odeon!).


My Saturday pictures was sixpence, later on I recall I could meet a girl outside the Odeon buy circle seats and either a Ki-ora orange or a tub and take her home in a black cab and have 4d left for my bus fare home. :smile:
Should have stated this was out of a Pound! I earnt before deductions £4-9s-6d gave my mum £2 saved 10 bob and the rest went on travel etc.


There used to be a fishmonger where there is now a red cross shop (before that is was sainsbury but that was before my time).
Vickers florist and greengrocer where there is now Winksworth.
Galt Toys - not actually sure where that was, either Davids Road or Perry Vale.

Galt toys were sold by KIRK in Perry Vale, the also had a card shop called Paperchase in the shop opposite the station which is now Gao Vietnamese Baguette


Does anyone remember when the fishmongers was opposite the station where the fish & chip shop now is?

Also, Finches, the furniture removal company back of the station where all their large furniture vans would be parked. Also who remembers the Timber yard at the rear of the station where the MOT and FH cars are in waldram crescent?

In fact I almost forgot what the rear of the station looked like until I saw an old photo of it.


Thee ‘Golden Griddle’ seemed to be there forever, but suddenly disappeared when McDonalds came along. Anyone know why McDonalds closed?


There was a small pet shop on the Honor Oak Parade also, and a woodwork / carpenters where Sebastian Roche extended into.


There was a pet shop where the door company was which is now Waters fish n veg. We bought our first dog from there.


Apart from the fights and rubbish I am not sure.


There was an Indian between the bank and the capitol on London rd
Pacchi SAR was it?


Was something to do with renewal of permits etc during a time of trying to deal with inner town youths hanging around. Wasn’t renewed on the basis of anti social behaviour.

So the story goes.


Who remembers the toy shop in Honor Oak parade, late 60s,early 70s?


Nah, can’t recall that.
I moved there in 1971.
Worked in the hardware & paraffin shop on the corner of Ballina St around 1974/5 then Doug McKenzie Photographic in 1977.
I remember the chemist, the butchers, Wavy Line supermarket, butchers on the other corner of Ballina St, Kuschell (?) hi-fi speaker cabinet maker, Ron Cooper cycles.
Anyone got some old photos of the road back in those days?


Here’s a blast from the past -
Spiggy’s on Dartmouth Road


The coffee roasting/deli was “goslings”
The toy shop near village way was “marriots”. (They sold the best dolls house furniture and had a golden retriever)


Gosh, this has brought back memories…morely’s chicken shop( opp the pools) was Joyce’s newsagents, where you could take back your old fizzy pop bottles back and get 2p! That was run by Mick and family, mick also had the shop on the corner of Clyde vale ( not the charity shop) which was a proper hardware shop. The ald life shop was a car spares shop, then briefly an ice cream parlour, a greengrocers and a spar shop.
There was a freeman Hardy and Willis somewhere near boots, and laurels florist was where bunka is now. Stag and bow was Francis chapel funeral directors.
Village way was another hardware shop called the plug and socket!
My husband had his first Saturday job in the red cross shop, which was a wet fish shop back then.
Sorry if I’ve repeated some answers…I got a bit excited.