Shops of days gone by



If you want to see some photos of Honor Oak Park from back in the day, you should drop by the (soon to be Dominos) fish & chip shop - he’s got several pics on the wall dating back over 100 years.


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After speaking to Ben @ClaptonCraft who told me there was once a brewery in FH years ago - maybe too long ago for most of us to recall - I did a bit of digging.
I just came across this which I thought was interesting particularly for those of us who like a pint in the @AllInnOne

I love the tiled sign and thought it would be great to re-patronise it but that may be a step too far.


That is an amazing story. And a great picture of Perry Vale. So different.

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Only the one to discuss my leaving!
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When I had a crack at making beer a few years ago, I fondly thought I might for fun resurrect the old labels of the Forest Hill brewery on the beer.


I think I saw a picture of the FH brewery recently, will see if I can find it and post a link.


Here you go, it became a Dairy in 1927:

Some background here (if a link to the ‘other place’ is allowed):


I’m a relative newcomer as I only moved to FH 11 years ago but I seem to remember an old wooden shack with tyres stacked up outside where at junction of Hindsley Place and Perry Vale opposite the pub.
It looked long closed down back then. Was it ever a thriving tyre fitter?


Don’t know if “thrived” was the operative word.

If my memory is good - they also fitted radios and sound systems.

And the shack next to it operated as a busy little newsagent and shop.


Futon Plus at the bottom of Derby Hill. Humphreys pine shop opposite Boots


Yes, I bought the Futon Plus shop in 1991 and Kelly’s Nails has been in there since 2001.

Humphrey’s - poor John died aged only about 61 a year or two ago.


I loved Futon Plus. We bought a futon from there.The base broke a couple of years ago, but we keep the futon mattress stored under the bed, and it is perfect when we have people to stay. We bought quite a few bits in Humphries too that we still have -a mirror, a chest of drawers, and some photo frames. Poor John, a really nice man.


Hey, first post here, but thought i’d join in and reminisce with you all.

So basically I’ve lived here my whole life (since 1985) so I’ve seen a fair amount of places come and go.

Few places come to mind… does anyone remember a tiny bookstore on Perry Vale, maybe where Morleys is now. Would have been when I was ending primary school, so circa 1996-1997 maybe? Also, speaking of the Cabin, I have such fond memories of there when my mother used to take me in there after school and she would buy me a secret bar and my monthly Techno Quest. Anyway, as I live on Westbourne Drive I have rather vivid memories of Perry Vale, and I’m sure, for a short time at least there was a small sweet shop there, nearing my end that clearly tried to rival the Cabin but failed miserably.
Also, briefly I believe there was a hippy type of store on Dartmouth Road in the early 2000’s, I remember popping in there once or twice.
Anyone remember the Value Mart? Next to Sainsbury’s, I think it may have been taken over by Sainsbury’s but I’m not sure.
There was also a Supermarket on Waldram Park Road, that then became a snooker hall, just before where the Blue Mountain cafe was.

Sorry for the long list, just so many places from the past flooding in at once!


We bought a futon from Futon plus in 1994. Still using it.


Hi - a few things I remember;

1, Starburger, next to the station car park, next to where Oak Estates was.
2, the tagline of the above mentioned butchers was “butchers of distinction”
3, Oliver London, a shirt shop located where st Davids is now (I think)
4, the signal was called The Pie and kilderkin when I first knew it

There was a row of shops on Shipman road containg a tire shop on the end (corner of Farren rd) along with a sweet shop and a laundry - there was also briefly an upholster.

On the south circular next to the fire station (opposite Kemble rd) was a pub called the Swiss Cottage, which at one point in the 80s it had a make over and changed its name to something like Tyrols winebar, before finally being replaced with flats. There was also a shop along the side road next to this (Wastdale road) that sold tropical fish tank equipment.

I also remember going to the Golden Griddle one evening to watch a performance by a Freddie Mercury tribute act, which was basically him doing karaoke, as he was not supported by a real band.


There was a men’s shop selling clothes designed by a very personable man by the name of Michael in Dartmouth Road.

Remember buying a very smart jacket there for my son.


An old favourite!


Looking at MackieD’s to the right is Plug & Socket, now that is an old favourite moved from Dartmouth Road where Village Way is now.


I am sorry to say that I don’t miss the rubbish that used to get chucked everywhere by people who had takeaways from McDonalds.