Short survey about Catford

Hi, I am posting on behalf of my daughter who is doing her A Level Geography coursework on Catford. Unfortunately, due to COVID, she can’t do any face to face surveys to help with her data collection so I would be very grateful if you could answer her survey. She would really appreciate it. Thank you for your help!

(If anyone knows any other sites I can post this on I will be very grateful)


Good luck to your daughter!
A few years back, my son did a similar questionnaire about Forest Hill. We were really pleased with how many residents, who didn’t know him, chose to help his GCSE Geography project. It was lovely.
I wish your daughter a similar response.


Thank you!

The first question is asking how long have you lived in Catford. Does your daughter only want responses from people who live there. If so then there probably aren’t many people on this forum who live in Catford. However people in SE23 may work in Catford or go there for shopping or leisure purposes. Therefore If your daughter wants answers from a wider audience then I would suggest she adapts her first question.

Hope your daughter receives enough responses.

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I filled it in. Good luck to her.

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Hi, yes she only wants people who live in Catford to answer the survey. I wasn’t sure where else to post this so just figured this forum would be good.

Good luck to your daughter

Other ideas for places to post…

FB groups…
Catford & Lewisham way back when
Se6 se13 catford lewisham community

Thank you so much!

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