Should moderators have the same warnings as other forum members?


It seems to me that moderators participating in discussions should get the same warnings as others on the forum. I think @ChrisBeach acknowledges this based on his note above.

Since all moderators have two accounts (e.g. @ChrisBeach and @Chris_Mod) all that is required is to remove moderator capabilities from the normal account and leave the moderator capabilities on the real moderator account. Is this technically possible?

I realise that in the past there was no division between these roles, but since there are different accounts why not use the two account separately, and make sure you get the same automated warnings, guidance, and rules as others on the forum?


It would be technically possible (we trialled this for a while) but in practice it’s not workable for moderators to switch between two accounts with the regularity they would need to in order to handle flags and requests for support. Especially with two-factor authentication etc.


I will look into the code to see if we can ensure all warnings are enabled for admins.


I can’t remeber the details, but I do remember it quickly became clear that the two account system wouldn’t work for various reasons. The advantage of the ‘halo’ system is that it can be added retrospectively to a post (as far as I remember). Whereas if a mod forgets to change between a personal and a mod account, it’s a faff redesignsting posts they’ve made in error from the wrong account. Where there is only one mod and admin on a board it’s less of an issue.


As Rachael says it was a faf changing between accounts. I don’t know how some people maintain sockpuppet accounts, it’s hard enough remembering to change between mod accounts.


We basically only have one account Michael (well I do…).

I was not aware we didn’t get warnings etc.


It’s possible we do actually - I’m always on mobile so I don’t see the blue messages like the one in the OP. Messages like this only appear on desktop/iPad. I’ll check when I next get my laptop out.


I never even knew these warnings existed :scream:


I think it is unlikely that you would get such a warning since I’ve never seen you completely dominate a conversation. I’ve only seen it once or twice.


I have had it in the past.


They’re a standard part of the software. Known as the “get a room” warning (see for discussions on the subject and to give feedback to the developers). I believe they are triggered when replying to the same member three times in a row on the same topic.

Personally I would like to receive these warnings and think it’s wrong if the software avoids showing them to admins. I can see why it may be like this by design, but I don’t think that design is appropriate for our use case.


I’ve received it once, but not sure if that was before or after becoming a mod.


Makes sense to me that Mods get the same warnings - a mod is just as capable of dominating a thread, even in Halo mode!

In fact, in that scenario, it’s probably a good trigger to request another mod to get involved and arbitrate.


I am not aware of any mod commenting on a thread whilst in “Halo” mode other that to actually mod anything.


Yeah but if a long running discussion between a mod (in halo mode) & non-mod does develop - then the message should serve as a notice to the mod that it’s time to step back and let another mod take over - or take the discussion elsewhere.


True but I am not aware of any time this has happened, it tends to go to PM.


Anyhoo - after a bit of digging, it does indeed look as if mods (halo’d or not) do in fact receive the same warnings as other forum members.


Good news. I have no desire to be treated differently to any other member of SE23.Life and expect to follow the forum guidelines or face the consequences.:+1:



Simon and I just did some testing and managed to trigger the “get a room” warning message for me (and for @armadillo too):

After looking at the code, it turns out the message is only shown if:

  • there are five or more participants in the topic
  • user’s last three replies are to the same user
  • user is actively in the process of typing a reply
  • user hasn’t already received the “get a room” warning on this topic
  • user isn’t writing a PM
  • user is on desktop / iPad


The mod accounts were a very brief experiment. @ChrisBeach - they should probably be deleted now to avoid confusion.