Sick cat on Bampton road [Taken in by RSPCA]

Hi all, i just saw a very sick black cat with white whiskers crossing Bampton Estate. The cat was skinny, 2-3 years old max. I tried to approach to take but the cat was running away. Her right back paw was damaged, probably broken and swollen. She was not using it. She went to the Bampton road and went through one of the house gates into the inner garden. If smbd see the cat, pls help to get it to a vet. You can see it is in a lot of pain.

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Hopefully it was her/his own garden.

The cats has been caught by RSPCA & is being treated. I know this as I & a neighbour reported it.


Thank you so much. What a relief. I couldnot stop thinking about it and felt bad that i could not catch it. Thank you very much for helping.

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I’ve been feeding him for months but because he is feral you couldn’t get close to him. Cats protection & RSPCA & me have been trying to catch him for months to treat his bad leg.


Thank you for your kind heart :bouquet: His pain is finally over.