Side Return builder recommendations

Any recommendations for a builder who has completed a side return?

Would also be very grateful for any advice / aprox budget required for side returns of half houses (Bovill Rd / Ebsworth St).

Thank you!

Hi @Marigold123 and welcome to the forum.

We have some builder recommendations here: Builder / home renovation recommendations

I lived on Ebsworth St and completed a side return extension in 2014. Richard May built and project-managed. His business is based in Ebsworth St, which was great, logistically.

I’d highly recommend him :+1:


Hi @Marigold123 I’m an Architect in the area and have worked with House of Blake contractors on residential refurbishments. They have a high quality standard of work and are highly experienced. If interested I can forward you their details and they could provide a quote for tender. Many thanks, Laura

We too are looking for the same any recommendations would be gratefully received.

Many thanks!

Hi Vilma,

No problem, this is the website of the contractor I work with:
They do everything from total refurbishments to extensions of existing properties. They have a very high standard and quality of work.
If you’re interested message me directly and I can organise a site visit or discuss your project ambitions further.

Many thanks,


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Hi lauraharriott,

Thanks for your speedy response very much appreciated. Will be in touch soon.

Many thanks!


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