Singing/shouting.... any idea what’s going on?

I can hear a big group of people singing/ shouting in a football-ish way probably near Forest Hill station. Any idea what’s up?

I feared this might happen. There was a decision taken yesterday by the big wigs at the Xtermin8 Rat Poison League to cancel the season. This has sparked a bubbling confrontation between fans of Streatham Rovers and Dynamo Catford which goes back years. I’m assuming they’ve met at a mutually convenient train station to sort it out Old Skool.


I had to google that… most excellent


I have zero interest in football but local loyalty is swaying me towards Dynamo Catford. What are their supporters called - the Pussies?


I’m not sure but I’d love one of these shirts…

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 13.18.12


I saw the t-shirt but they’re sold out. :disappointed: Dynamo Catford must be a very popular club! I’ll keep an eye out for more stock and in the meantime I’d better go and learn something about football. I read that some supporters actually meet up and play the sport - surely that’s taking things a bit far?

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this is indeed excellent !