Single Use Plastic signage outside your home

It’s a relatively recent phenomenon - estate agent board type advertising outside private homes in relation to School Fairs/local park Festivals. Homeowners voluntarily agree to permit a local event sponsor [often a local estate agent] to place an advertising board comprising of a painted wooden post and a plastic, corrugated board with a printed event relating to a one day event, i.e. not relevant or re-useable beyond the event itself, whereas an estate board can be re-used.

The question is this - what happens to the post and plastic sign after the event? Has the organiser of the event or the park sponsor informed you that it will be recycled, re-used or simply taken to landfill/incineration?
If you don’t know the answer before you agree to place one up, then maybe consider that you are contributing to single use plastic use. You may be ‘doing your bit’ for the local community to advertise a local event, but you are doing far more damage to the environment.

My view is simple - for ‘fleeting’ events, then Schools/park user groups should adhere to a code to ensure from their official sponsors that all displayed advertising should be on cardboard signage, which can either be recycled or, if ended up in landfill/incineration, then less of an environmental impact.

To anyone with an advertising board outside their home this year - contact your organising group to find out the fate of your board after the fete is complete.


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