Site Speed and Linked Topics


Two issues.

Site Speed

Over the last couple of days I’ve noticed that site pages have been depressingly slow to load on my mobile devices and on various wifi (including superfast home broadband). Am I the only one?

Linked Topics

Also, the method to create a new and linked topic from an existing post seems to have disappeared. This “how-to” would suggest that when selecting the link icon, they pop-up box should have an option for “new topic.” Now not there.



I’m having no speed issues.


No speed issue over wi-fi or 4G.


Okay. Must be me.

Interested in the second issue though. Was going to start a new topic linked to another as they were associated. It was a good feature. But for me, it’s now missing.


Looks like the devs have made some changes:

Could you try this please?

Start typing and then hit the reply glyph on the top of the composer:


Then select “Reply as linked topic”


Yes. That works.