Sitting on balconies above shops in Honor Oak Park

I noticed people along Honor Oak Park high street sitting outside on balconies. This is not safe and part of the shops below roofing. Are they being cleaned or maintained by the shops for leaks etc.
Why don’t Estate Agents make it clear it’s not a hang out place. Or have they and I apologise but this has been ignored. Chairs tables groups of people chilling etc. Sorry but I to have noticed this myself for a long time. I don’t mean to sound like a Debbie Downer but I worry. Accidents can happen which I hope doesn’t and hasn’t so far thank goodness. Also it’s a concerning issue.

Can’t help but be reminded of this…


How do you know these aren’t safe, have you had a structural engineer inspect each one?

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Some people being living here for years they have never been designed for people sit on them. It should be part of the old school agreements with residents and shops. I personally don’t know full details of what has and hasn’t been done not my responsibility. But it is something that may not have been addressed or forgotten about. I also don’t see any railings or safe guards to make it safe either. Health and Safety comes to mind like I said accidents can happen not intended but is a worry and concern. I personally wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt especially from a height. It’s not a crime to be worried and address something. If I had more facts I would be happy to share but I am only pointing out what I notice when walking along the high street. Also don’t get me wrong not everyone has gardens most of these places did until they was turned into flats. So I get the frustration it may cause people.


We have a little roof terrace over our utility room (original scullery) that I’m sure people think is an add on. It’s not. It’s Victorian - original to the house. In olden times it had steps up to it from the yard, which you can still see the outline of and a small rendered brick parapet around it. When we moved in we had railings put up around the parapet as it would have been too low otherwise for modern building regs. But building regs aren’t retrospective. We didn’t have to do it. But it was sensible to do so not just to bring up to spec but for safety’s sake. So maybe whilst not illegal using the parapets as you describe is silly to say the least.


What I find a funny reaction is the guy that shambles into the room after the chap has fallen through the ceiling. Not an “oh dear, this chap has fallen through the ceiling and may have broken his back, I’d better phone for an ambulance” type reaction. Oh no. He takes a photo … of the hole in the ceiling!


Thank you kindly for your response means a lot. I appreciate that a lot and I am sure many other do to. Sometimes some people just get offended quickly or defensive. I was only showing concern I am not the balcony police. It’s about taking responsibility like yourself to make it work or to find out. Sorry using a mobile have to re-read myself sometimes. I can waffle lol :joy: