Sky Fibre Broadband Outage

Has anyone else got an issue with their Sky Fibre internet? Mine has been out for over 36 hours and it shows no sign of improving. I’ve contacted Sky and they’re just saying it’s down. Is anyone else in the boat?

Yes - been off since yesterday.
Engineers apparently working on it but no useful updates…

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Yep. Our Sky Broadband went down around 1pm on Friday. Coincidentally, there was some Openreach engineers outside at the time who were able to do a brief check of our system but said they could not make a formal visit without us first arranging an appointment. So it was straight on the phone to Sky and the earliest they can send an engineer is on Wednesday. We are just off Dartmouth Road, close to Forest Hill station. Strangely enough, there seems to be a lot of Openreach and Sky and Virgin Media vans in the area at the moment.

I’ll probably give Sky a call today, I’ll let you both know what they say. I’m by FH Pools, just off of Dartmouth Road too.

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Same here - since 1pm Friday - but it just came back on!


And ours is back on as well!

As an FYI - Ofcom’s broadband speedchecker seems to give a more accurate check of Sky’s upload and download speeds than Sky does. Might be the same for other networks. You can find it here


Phew! All back to normal :slight_smile: