Sky TV - what a nightmare!

Please - before I start, please politely, can no one suggest I use another provider…I do have my reasons for sticking with Sky. Sooooo…

Does anyone else want to scream at being part of huge organisations that just can’t cope with customer care because they’re so powerful and huge? I think my sky box is finally in need of help. I have the constant ‘red standby light’ on - so zero TV…and all the pulling the sky card out, unplugging everything etc and re-booting has not helped. I’ve spent over 2 hours on the phone to various call centres in the UK and India, to either have them try and sell me the latest equipment, or at least offer to send me out an engineer & sign me up to a 6 month protection policy costing £60.

I plumped for an engineer to come out/policy @ £60 for 6 months cover. I was transferred to D&G and told I’d have to wait for over 3 WEEKS for a visit. When I asked to be put through to a manager - I got cut off. I re-dialled…and of course, went back through to India who tried to do the exact same and round and round we went.

I find it bizarre, because my central heating is also protected by D&G and if I call them to come out, they usually can do so within days.

Can anybody recommend a lovely, local SE London person to come round and sort this out without this ****!! Grrr - So sorry about my asterisk’s. I’m soooo cheesed off!

If you on eBay, you can get a Sky Box for not very much. You may be within your cooling-off period for your D&G contract (not sure what D&G is), so it may well be good to try and cancel that.

Sky gave me a free Sky+ box recently. It is brilliant. I can record two channels at the same time and watch a recorded programme.

You just need to look at the various offers they have…

Domestic & General is a breakdown insurance policy


I know :o)

As stated my comment was in reply to Andy

Don’t get me started on the time where they installed the dish within 40ft of a tree in November and then told me that it was my problem when the large tree grew leaves and stopped working. :roll_eyes:

Anyhow, there are several reset tricks on a Sky box - which have you tried? There’s one where you unplug for a few minutes and then restart it while holding down the back button on the box until all the lights come on and it reinstalls the software. It takes about 20 mins. You then have to try turning on the box but it will ‘stick’ on standby for another 10-15 minutes before it initialises. That keeps your recordings and is my go to.

Then there’s the very drastic complete wiping of the box entirely which loses everything. I had to resort to that once but it did get it working again.

If that doesn’t work, I’d suggest borrowing/buying an old box off someone who has upgraded. It’s likely to be less than £60 and try for a refund on the grounds of delay.