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New cafe at 195 Stanstead Road?

Ok well I might as well try to give it a little review.
I avoided doing so because frankly I’m a little concerned for these guys, it’s unlikely to flourish as it stands.
Both my husband and I visited it on separate occasions and left very confused as to who guided them on this venture and what research they did to consider what they can offer that other places very close by do not, i.e. The greasy spoons and No.41 on Brockley Rise.
First up - husband went in at 8.50am and they said they’re not open yet, don’t open till 9am. Seems a little odd that they wouldn’t consider commuter trade. But they said they’d make him a coffee anyway, which was nice. Charged £1.20 for a cappuccino which seemed cheap so he double checked and the lady said first coffee of the day is that price, but only after seeming a little confused. Very very average one is what he reported.
Then I went the next day. I hate to be mean but you know the kind of place you walk in and wish nobody had noticed and you could just walk right out again - that’s the feeling I got, just lacked soul. Modest in decor, which is fine if there’s a unifying simplicity to it, but a bit of a hodgepodge of furniture, including garden furniture inside. My cappuccino was £2.20 which is reasonable but it really can’t compare to no.41. It came out scorchingly hot, so I knew immediately that it had way too much boiling liquid in it, not really a cappuccino in other words.
They do food, but what you see behind the counter is one of those old school canteen style salad ingredient mixes that aren’t too tempting. I’m sure all prepared very nicely, just doesn’t appeal.
The staff seem nice but almost a little confused by their own roles to be honest. I’m sure that is just because things are so new and I would always give a place another go if at least the coffee was good.
I wouldn’t be tempted to go back I’m afraid.
A shame, as they could have offered a concept that ticks different boxes to the cafe and no.41. I’d heard that they were going to have a little play area at the back. Might not be for everyone but at least is something you don’t get from 41, which is a little cramped for small kids who get restless when you’re trying to get a quick rest.

Anyone else tried it? Would be interested to know if it’s just me being harsh (and husband!).


Sad to say, I share your concern. My “flat white” at Small World Coffee wasn’t a flat white. It was just a milky coffee, and a pretty average one at that.

I’m sure a lot of hard work and money has gone into getting this new coffee shop off the ground, so to launch like this seems anti-climactic. I’d recommend the owners really think about first impressions projected by the signage, their staff and the food selection. It’s not enough just to present a venue and sell coffee and snacks. Vending machines can offer that. Coffee shops need to offer far more to attract regular punters.

@No41Coffee has soul and personality and serves up an excellent flat white, and engages with the community both in-shop and on social media. Small World Coffee could learn so much from this formula and I hope, given time, they will. It’s early days and I’ll be watching reviews over the coming months to see if the place merits a return visit.

A win for those of us who like to relax in a peaceful No 41. More power to Small World Coffee and their play area!


I was hestitant to write a review and wanted to give them a second go before I wrote anything here. However, I echo all the above. Such a shame. @No41Coffee has nothing to worry about.


It defeats me how a shop that has been in the making for over a year (I posted asking about it last August I think) has no signage. I only live down the road but I had no idea it had opened other than reading it on here and I had no idea what it was called until @ChrisBeach posted above.
While I give credit to anyone trying to open a new business surely the basics are to get you name up there and launch the venture properly. A good example - When the Chandos reopened I knew about it and I was there on the first day.


Had a coffee from there yesterday. Perfectly good. Teething, yes, but I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss. (And I’m afraid I’m a bit puzzled by the enthusiasm for No41, which seems thoroughly mediocre to me.) Let’s hope they get enough footfall to hit a bit of form.


I think some people have been a bit hasty in criticising this new business: they’ve only been open for about eight days - give 'em a chance! I popped in for a latte when they’d just opened last week and it was ‘a work in progress’. However, today I was pleased to see a good number of customers both this morning and at lunchtime; a friend & I both agreed that our halloumi, sweet potato & red pepper wraps were delicious, filling and good value! I will certainly be giving them my custom and wish Small World all the best. (Coffee/signage/decor snobs have plenty of other choices in the area!!)


I totally agree EarlGrey. I went in yesterday and I’m going back for lunch. Their plans for the place sound really interesting. It’s really hard to set up a new business, especially if it isn’t run of the mill. It would be so nice if as a community we could support them.


Exactly, Ellie_Rogers! I hope you enjoyed your lunch as much as I did (mine,that is😊).


Just had a great Mocha with lovely friendly service. Very attentive staff who are always smiling.
Supporting local produce and businesses.
The jerk chicken wrap was lovely. Didn’t feel that it was overpriced.
It has a trendy feel and really they appreciate your feed back.
They Need to Get more of that Amazing homemade hot sauce.
With the other choices of cafes in the area I would go out of my way to come here.


Note to all members - It’s best practice to check the profile of reviewers. Are they verified? If not, have they been active in the forum, in other areas and topics, before posting the review? A first time user who reviews a company may not be a local resident, but may represent the company or its competition. While this does not mean the review is not genuine, it does call into question the reliability of the recommendation.


I thought their jerk chicken wrap was excellent - tasty and high quality. They have also done a great job decorating the cafe - seems like a nice spot to relax. Especially as I find No. 41 around the corner to be too busy and frantic. Will definitely be back!


Hey guys! I’ve recently moved into the area. This Tuesday I made a quick stop at Small World for a bite to eat and a coffee while doing some coursework. I thought it was fine, and the prices really took me aback. I was expecting to pay just under a tenner for my full-to-the-brim breakfast baguette and mocha but it ended up just shy of £7. I was pleased. Only two criticisms are that the coffee could’ve been slightly stronger and the cafe is rather small. Saying that, I had a whole table to myself to spread myself on so I don’t know what I’m complaining about haha. I guess I just like the largeness of Costas and Starbucks. To others it would be cosy. It was actually getting busy as I was leaving. You’ve all inspired me to go there again now and try it out, let’s hope they’re not closed!


I walked past today and saw that work has started and read a small sign that it is indeed going to open up again as a cafe at the end of January. Fingers crossed it’ll be more successful than the previous place!


I also wish it well. However it is not a great spot as it’s not on most people’s regular station commute unlike my morning fave Grapes and Grounds for Honor Oak Park. Hard to see where the custom will come from. Pizzarte seems to be making a go of it as people will walk a bit further for an evening meal, but probably not for a morning coffee. Sincerely hoping to be proven wrong.


There are a couple of nurseries and Dalmain school nearby so I think footfall maybe better than expected.


They could do some business for Kilmorie parents - at the moment there’s no real coffee option near the school.


I think it may well be outside the Kilmorie catchment area, so doubtful.


Also it didn’t open until 9 before, so whether it was on people’s commute route was moot.


That’s all relative to where you live. For people living in Kilmorie Rd it is definitely on the commute route