Smart Forfour alarm, Vancouver Road

If whoever owns this vehicle is reading this: seriously, this is the fourth time in the last nine days your alarm has gone off during the night, and each time you’ve taken an unreasonable amount of time to stop it. It’s not reasonable to put your neighbours through this.

I should think the chances of someone like that reading a blog like this is pretty minimal. I guess its like a cry from the heart on your part. My sympathies to you, its really awfull isn’t it.

Well, you never know, do you? And there could be fellow residents of Vancouver, Kilmorie, Cranston, or Elsinore who would like to let off a little steam too. Or who may have spoken to the individual responsible for keeping us all awake.

Put a note on the car as they may not be aware. We had one that went off all the time, I caught the owner getting into it one night. He parked on our street and lived in flats nearby. He had no idea it was going off, looked embarrassed and promised to get it sorted. Never happened again.

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Oh, there are notes on the car.

Ah, in that case report it to the councils noise team. Remember they are only open Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm.

One of my little fantasies that I have is that the council will introduce a series of sturdy overhead gantries (each containing a powerful electro magnet) at strategic points in the streets of our fair borough. For certain car related offences against the public peace, (for example horrendous loud music played at unsociable hours, dangerous driving and intimidating tailgating of little cars by big BMW’s - oh the list could go on) the magnet would be activated and the car and its occupants would be sucked vertically up by the magnet and would remain suspended there until the driver had sincerely promised to mend his/her ways. At which point the apology and promise is posted on the council website. Any repeat offending and the car is sucked right back up again and not released at all until it is popped into a passing dumper truck and taken to the crusher. I had not thought to include cars with offensive alarms before, but I am quite sure if there were more than a set number of complaints in a given period of time the car could be sucked right up off the street the next time it passed the overhead magnet.