Smart Mobile Header



I’ve just enabled the “smart mobile header” feature, which shows the topic title as you scroll down through a long topic.

I rather like it, but let me know if you don’t, or if you encounter any issues.

You may need to refresh the page in your browser to see this new feature.


  • I like the new smart mobile header
  • I don’t like the new smart mobile header
  • Don’t mind either way

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I’m finding it a tad temperamental (need to sit down later and work out the exact steps) and preferred being able to get back to the main list without having to keep scrolling back up a little to reactivate the header to get to the SE23 logo - this is probably worse on an iPhone where all the browser navigation toolbars in Safari do the same auto hide on scroll. Not sure if Android browsers have a similar behaviour


Thanks Simon, yes other forums have encountered the same issue and want the icon to stick around to make it easier to navigate home. I’m sure this tweak will be made shortly.


Okay - I’ve worked out why it feels a bit wierd to me. In safari, when you reach the end of a page - a continued attempt to scroll down re-enables the browser header and toolbar. But as this doesn’t also happen with the site header it ends up feeling a like it’s not working quite right


Thanks. I’ve shared this feedback with the developer who made the feature.


Just realised I meant the opposite of what I wrote (long day) - updated the above with what I meant to say! :slight_smile:


Okay - so the developers are going to:

  • change the behaviour to be more consistent with Safari (swap the header back when you reach the end of the topic)
  • observe whether members prefer the site icon present (allowing easy navigation home) or icon absent (allowing longer titles). We’ll do a poll here to provide our feedback after a week’s usage in both modes.


Just remember there are at least two Android users not using Safari for changes. :grin:




ok - so for the benefit of Android users, it’s the same behaviour you see in Firefox :wink:


Firefox, sort of B rated movie with Clint Eastwood playing a Russian speak pilot I seem to remember :grin:


Wasn’t there a TV series? I remember a TV series. But I can’t find mention of a TV series.


No, can’t remember a TV series. But it came out in '82 and I was a horrible South African at the time so couldn’t watch anything as we were being boycotted so no cultural TV for us.


Ah. I was thinking of Airwolf. There were some similarities.


Well both had American leads…


Let’s keep this on-topic please, chaps.


Have you trialled the site icon being persistent yet? I resent the extra flick to get it to show when I want it.


The chap that wrote the plugin hasn’t yet updated it to include the icon, but as soon as he does I’ll take in the change.


There is already enough space in the page header to add the topic and tags without hiding any of the normal header (site logo, search, menu and user buttons).

It would be cool if the extra info could just go in the gap on the current header…


The developer has just made a couple of tweaks based on our feedback:

  1. While scrolling down, the logo is displayed next to the topic header, allowing quick navigation back to the homepage
  2. Once you reach the very bottom of a topic, the header will automatically switch back

I’ve applied the tweaks to You may need to hit the refresh button in your browser to see them.