SmartShop coming to Bell Green Sainsbury's on 20th Feb


Looks like it’s using handheld scanners - I wonder if there will be an app version too. Also note the security gate on the exit of the Smart shop ‘checkouts’.

The Deterioration of Bell Green Sainsbury’s

Excellent news. Beckenham Waitrose also has this feature, which does speed up the process on the whole of paying for your shopping.


How does that work when scanning in booze? Do you still need a person to verify you? Just strikes me as another reason to reduce staff.

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Yep - booze and other items need someone to come and press a button/check id.

Waitrose has had this system for years though, and it works really well. You need to take bags with you before the shop, then you essentially scan and pack as you go. The checkout is just a quick payment and you’re done.

You should try it and see.

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I actually agree. Used it in various Waitrose stores for about 10 years. Means you can keep check of how much you’re spending and makes paying a doddle.

Normally after your first shop they’ll do a re-scan to check you’ve done it correctly and then very occasionally a random rescan.

Definitely a positive from a customer experience POV in my view.

As others say, you need to take your bags with you so you can pack as you go. Again, this is really good as I find I pack much better this way.

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Has it actually started? Swear the signs said it was Monday, until Monday came and they changed the signs to Wednesday.


I have used the Waitrose ones. Fantastic. I have also used the ones in our local Tesco’s. Dreadful. I dont hold up much hope for the Sainsburys ones unless they invest a lot of money.


The funny thing is what when they rescan at Waitrose the till doesn’t show the staff if you got it right or not!

The one time I did have to rescan I was a bit disappointed not to know the outcome so enquired, me being me… no rescans since though so probably good otherwise I’m guessing the system would have marked my card!

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They will probably put a cameras in the scanner to record your facial expressions, if the self-serve checkouts are anything to go by!

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I remember going to Waitrose in Harrow when they first started using them. Walked around with a basket, scanned, popped scanner in pod and paid by card and walked out. Stopped by security who said a little old lady said I was shop lifting. Well I was dressed in leathers as I was on my bike. She saw leathers, thought their and had never seen a scanner before. We had a giggle.

I use them in Booker when we stock up there. We always get checked which makes the whole exercise pointless. I must have that kind of face :slight_smile:

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Why were they so bad? What should we watch out for at J Sains?


We had to be double checked every time, just wasted time. I no longer use them.

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Worked fine today. Not sure it’s worth it (compared to self-checkout) if you’re just getting a small bag/basket as you need to juggle bag, thing you’re buying and zapper machine. Easier with a trolley, I imagine.

You need a Nectar card.


For loose fruit and veg, do you have to print off a barcode on the scales?


I loved self-service check outs when they first arrived. Reminded me of days playing shop keeper as a child. Then like a child I got bored with it. Now I generally use a check-out with a real person.

I can see this happening here.

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Yes. First set of scales I tried, the label machine didn’t work, but the other one did.

BTW there’s also a button on the gizmo for deleting items you no longer want.


Tried it today, and I’m afraid it failed at the first hurdle!

I swiped my nectar card, but then the machine wanted me to type my name, email (twice) and a password into it using the on screen keyboard. I dutifully did that for the next minute or so, then the computer said ‘no network connection available, please contact a member of staff.’

No staff were visible in the vicinity so I gave up on this occasion :frowning: Not the best roll out.

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