Smoddy Sharp

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New for Dartmouth Road, “The ultimate male grooming experience”

Here’s their twitter account:

Oooooh. A men’s salon.

What an odd name.

An interesting addition to FH - not one for me but I wish them all the best.

“of London” very posh :ok_hand:


Went here for a haircut yesterday and it was all good. High spec barbering chairs, equipment etc and the barber was a lovely guy and said he is ex-Harrods, Vidal Sassoon etc. He had many tales to tell from his times in Kensington and he knew his stuff as far as making my receding bits look less receding. And £20 is not a huge amount more than you’d pay elsewhere nearby.

They offer all manor of grooming opportunities, and the whole place has a cool speakeasy feel. I’d recommend.


Had a terrific shave with hot towels today with Gooch. Came out into the snow feeling fresh and pampered. Great experience in a relaxing enivronment which has a luxurious, relaxed vibe feel about it. Well worth giving it a try and spoiling yourself, in my view.


My boyfriend went in for a trim yesterday and afterwards echoed the points above - lovely friendly service and a great cut he is happy with. He said the barber ‘actually listened to what I wanted’… which apparently hasn’t always been the case.


I also had an amazing haircut in here, and the decor and service is next level. It’s seems like something you would find in Soho or Shoreditch, not Forest Hill. It’s also just a couple of pounds more expensive than my usual barbers, and they treat you like a real valued customer, not utter crap.

I’m definitely going to go here whilst the prices are still low, as it’s a currently a complete steal for the standard of service and atmosphere you get. I’m sure it won’t stay that way for long after they have built up their customer base!


I went in two weeks ago. I would typically use one of the Turkish barbers in the city (Ted’s Grooming Room etc). I enjoyed the ambience and whilst I didn’t get some of the fripperies I get at TGR, I also paid a considerable amount less for a good, but not great haircut.

In summary, will give it another go especially as it’s almost literally on the doorstep.

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Feeling smart from my cut today. “Gooch” især good barber and knows his stuff. Also refreshed from the mini Indian head massage I got first.

Loads of great stuff for men in their including massage, skin treatments and mani/pedis. I got a tour of the place and fitted put beautifully.

Problem is they always look closed. They’re not. But often you have to ring the bell. Once in the welcome is very warm. The coffee or bar beckon. And great to have a place Taylor Ed to pamper men.


Really great service and quality - Gooch know’s his stuff and provides an expeirence, which a proper haircut should be. It’s a cool addition to FH, but they really need to shout about the place more.

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Tragically (for me anyway) I understand Gooch has left. If anyone knows where for do pm me. Brilliant barber

Made my first visit last week (I think therefore post-Gooch).

Warm welcome - great feel about the place - a sense of London-style club transplanted to FH.

Interestingly varied selection of drinks on offer too. Declined the offer of a made-to-measure suit - but may take that up later.

New cutter/stylist Chris did a great job of my hair - and the main judge - the BH - agrees.

A place like this will not be to everyone’s taste - but worth a visit - and I will return.

I saw Chris on Thursday and the cut was much better than Gooch’s


I thought it was better too (no disrespect to the other guy, who also did a great job)

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Hmmm, with all this positive feedback I think I may have to take my beard in there for a deforestation this week. I’ll report back.

Just had my first post-Gooch cut at Smoddy Sharp and the new guy is excellent so that’s a relief. Great cut, hot towels, the works. Highly recommend


Went for my first visit on Sunday and Chris has given me a great haircut, I think the best I have had in years. He has avoided making me look like either a schoolboy or a thug, so my wife was particularly grateful. I am really pleased to have a real quality barber in Forest Hill.