Smoddy Sharp



Out of interest what is the price (range) for a men’s scissor cut?


Circa £20-25 and I think I was offered an inclusive drink for that price - but I declined on the day, so may have it wrong.

I think there is a price list on the web-site.


I paid £20 and got a beer with it. But that was on a Thursday when they often offer a special. That week a free drink and small discount. They announce these on their Twitter page.

But I think they are keen to build up their business and are offer a few niceties anyways. My first visit I got a short Indian head massage. I love those but not quite before a hair cut do next time I politely declined.


First cut with Chris two weeks ago following a succesful first visit in March. Have to say, prefered Chris - cool guy to chat to as well.

The whole set up is great and couldn’t reccomend more. Surprised they don’t advertise more - esp as they stay open late to suit those who work in town coming back for a trim.


As promised, took myself in there and was very impressed. Beard sorted, hair chopped, nice fellas and a decent price considering what they had to deal with, I was in there over an hour being tidied up.

Will certainly return.


Went for a cut and a beard taming last night: wonderful service, Chris took real care, attention and pride in his work, and it was surprisingly reasonably priced. Great to have a decent rival to Rocket on the old doorstep.


Just had my first cut in Smoddy Sharp. Rohan was an absolute gent and the whole experience was a pleasure. Impressive job on the shop refurb too. This is a business that really deserves to succeed.


What treatment do they offer for ears? The barbers who offer wax and/or flame get my business.


I didn’t have any ear treatments so I couldn’t say I’m afraid


You must be too young, @ChrisBeach. My OH tells me it’s a watershed moment when the Barber first asks if you want your ears done. All downhill from there.


Not forgetting nasal hair.

Just as well we are not discussing lady’s secrets too.


First time my ears were done was at Jack the Clipper, a traditional Turkish barber in Shepherd’s market. I thought I was about to become a victim in a Victorian operetta.


Maybe this is the moment to suggest a men’s area on the site?


Well, a public denial - where no comment needs to be made - can only draw suspicion …


You get your ears waxed? Mine come naturally waxed.

And I think there are easier ways to remove ear hair than setting them on fire. I usually get people to talk about me behind my back.

The barber who would get my business is the one where I leave with move hair than I went in.


Not really. I recommend it. The boys in Erdis have methylated spirit flames. Avoid barbers using cigarette lighters, the flame is too hot.


I tried once to replicate the ear hair removal I had experienced in the barbers with my own ciggy lighter and mirror at home.
Needless to say it did not get well and I had to get my hair cut to mask the track of the flame on the hair on my neck.


Got there for a haircut - super happy with the experience. Place is smart (great renovation) and the barber was super nice and did a fantastic job - see you in a month.


Sun Barbers on Brockley Rise do the ear thing. They use a metal skewer to swing a meth soaked cotton ball. Was surprised the first time as no warning was given but it was ‘an experience’.

Just like @ChrisBeach, I don’t think I needed any ear treatment!

It is my new favourite place, as cut and wash is about £12.

I will however try Smoddy’s.


First visit to Smoody Sharp today and I was thoroughly impressed. Great service and the barbers certainly know their stuff. Highly recommended and no till shock unlike certain establishments over in east Dulwich.