Smoky smell around FH station


Does anyone know why there is such a strong smell of smoke hanging around near the train station? It hits you as soon as you get off the train and I could smell it all the way back home towards the Horniman. It happened last week too.


Firework/gunpowder smell?

I noticed that yesterday… I have no idea where it is coming from though.


It’s very polluted in HOP too. You can see the smog. If you look at the pollution map for London, it seems really bad all over. Normally it’s green in the areas away from the roads, but everything is yellow.


I don’t think it is pollution, well, not the regular type anyway. Seems to have gone tonight though… at least by my old nose!


I’ve noticed the smell of wood smoke in Lower Sydenham several evenings this week.


Yup this is what I meant, the wood smoke.