Solar panels - looking for someone who has them


I am planning a loft conversion next year and I’d like to get solar panels installed with a battery at the same time. I’ve been looking at Moixa, by the way. Other companies are available…

Does anyone in the area have panels with a battery? Which company did you go with? Does the system make any noise? Particularly the battery? Do you have any issues? Any advice you may have would be great. Thanks in advance.


We’re also in the very early stages of looking and so far got a home appointment with Eon in the next couple of weeks.

We’re dubious as we also have a loft conversion and so the panels will be on a flat roof, what are the tradeoffs. Will post an update in more detail nearer the time.


Hey Rob. I’d be interested in how your meeting with Eon goes.

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Ditto. Please post the outcome here, @Rob.

I’m interested in Tesla Solar roof tiles, but I’ve read this is an expensive option at the moment (although a cheaper V3 is coming):

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They look awesome!!!

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A rather odd move from the Gov this year, ‘The Treasury put forward legislation on Monday to raise VAT for home solar-battery systems from 5% to 20%’

The European Court of Justice took action against the UK in 2015, forcing this tax hike on us, although we held off for as long as possible.

Same for female sanitary products, which the government wanted to lower VAT on, but the EU prevents us doing so. And for business rates on shops, which the govt wants to lower, but the EU prevented them.

Depending on what happens on October 31st, we may be able to resolve this.

We are considering solar panels with a Tesla Powerwall. Probably will commit to an install to coincide with whenever we get our next car (which will be electric).

This web site has some useful information:

We met some of the listed installers at Fully Charged Live event that was on at Silverstone earlier this month.

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We had our eon visit. All seems very positive, the points of interest that are most applicable to @mob comments.

On a flat roof, is 100% possible, but on a loft conversion would need planning permission as it then becomes the house highest point. The panels are mounted to 10degrees so very unlikely to see from kerbside.

For 8 panels and a battery its looking around £8-£9k, so considerable cheaper than the better looking Tesla option.

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Out of interest, what did they suggest would be the period to see a return on that investment?

At the moment is tricky to get some accurate annual savings having only been in our place for 6months

Thanks for the update @Rob.

I contacted Eon after your suggestion and the ‘over the phone’ quote was the same as Moixa’s. For those who are interested, they both quoted £9k for panels, a battery and installation - just like you said @Rob. Both said it’d be cheaper if the scaffolding was already there (due to a loft conversion at the same time). Both companies said it’d take about 6-8 weeks between ordering and having the installation. Neither call centres could answer any deeper questions, e.g. noise/hum from the battery, battery safety etc.

For me, at that price, it’s less about saving money and more about being more independent (e.g. zombie apocalypse) and having clean energy.

Tesla’s solution is the most elegant, and I’m sure it’s the medium term future of domestic energy production, but they don’t meet my budget yet so I can’t be an early adopter.

Something else which has endeared me to Eon, today:

…now you may have to dig a lot further than the headline to see how true this really is. It may be. But for many companies you find out that they just offset their carbon emissions and have an asterisk next to the claim that you can never find the definition for. It’s sometimes a bit of creative accounting. I hope its true though, I really do.


Thanks @mob, we’re in a similar thinking and looking to do it to be more independently sustainable + I love the idea of running a house off a battery.

Be interested to hear who you finally decide to go with and how it progresses.