[Sold] Bike for sale: Pinnacle 20in frame blue £40

Boy’s Pinnacle 20 inch frame bike in blue for sale for £40. Bought from Evans Cycles in East Dulwich in 2017.

Great condition. 6 gears. Just needs a bit of a clean.

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Hi, could I bring my son to see this tomorrow?

Hello Jon, yes of course. I’m not sure how I can DM you my address though…

Hello @oakr can I be allowed to DM / receive DMs, please?

Hi @mob

I’m not a moderator anymore so I can’t change your permissions, but I can set up a DM for you and @Joncocteau so you can message re the bike. You should both get a message in the couple of minutes, after which I’ll remove myself from it - so if something is wrong post back on here as I won’t see it in the DM!

Good luck both!

edit - the DM is created, you should both seen a green icon top right.


This item has now sold.

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