SOLD: Nintendo Switch, second hand, £40

Hi all,
I’m selling a Nintendo Switch, second hand but good as new (hardly used). The asking price is £40.
Collection from SE26.

Includes a charging unit and mini-screen, as well as a controller which can be used as one unit or as two handheld pieces (see pics below).

In order to connect to a large TV screen it requires a USB-USB or USB-HDMI cable.

PLEASE NOTE - Games are not included as they need to be downloaded from the Nintendo online store via a Nintendo account

Would love to take you up on this if you haven’t already found a taker? Tolga

Hi any chance this is available?? God I’d give anything for this for my neices 13 th birthday - she would be beside herself !!!

Hi, I’m currently in discussions with someone who is interested and messaged me earlier, if confirmed I’ll mark this as “sold” otherwise I’ll update that it is still up for grabs.


Fair enough ! What a steal !!! Hope the person enjoys it

Hi there, the other person hasn’t replied to me so I’m happy for you to come by this evening if that works

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Absolutely !!! Please send me your address via pm !

Sorry I never replied sooner but its OK so for making u wait

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