Someone to fit/repair a cat flap

Can anyone recommend someone to put in a cat flap? I’ve tried and made a right mess of it.

See: Handyman Recommendations [2020]

We’re throwing a catflap away if you needed one?

We’ve used who were recommended to us - was great. Ours was done into the glass on the side of our patio doors (in effect he replaced the entire pane with the one with the cat flap - we still have the original in case we wanted to put it back).

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Thanks Rob. I have the cat flap which I’ve fitted but put in too high. I might put a step up for him and see how it goes.

@oakr. Thank you for this recommendation. We contacted Phil and he is possibly fitting it today. He is also very reasonably priced

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Good to hear @Cherryblossom - how did it go?

Very good, Phil is very professional and it looks great