Sony Bravia 46" HDTV for sale £100


Sony Bravia Model #KDL 46HX823. Probably 5 years old, was wall mounted so the stand has disappeared. Works fine, just upgraded with something new, hence selling it.

It’s full HD, with fairly ‘smart’ TV i.e. it will do iPlayer/Netflix over wifi. They seem to go for 150-250 on Gumtree, but I will let one of you wonderful people have it for £100 as I just need to unclutterer my room. I’ll throw in the wall mount bracket for another £20 (it’s a swing out one).

Fairly unremarkable potato quality picture follows…


Hi, I could collect today. Have pm’d you.


Hi is this still for sale?


Yes it is - have been trying to contact Poppet21 and haven’t heard back all week, so be my guest, if you’re interested…


Great thanks. Can I just check, does it have a composite connector? Yellow, red and white sockets? I need it for an older games console. Thanks.


Sorry, no, it’s not THAT old! :slight_smile:

But I’m pretty sure you can get a composite to HDMI adapter… it has a ‘component in’ but I don’t recognise the connector - it’s kind of USB shaped

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