Sounds of Forest Hill (a community playlist)

Hello all,

I’ve been talking to some of our regular customers over the last couple of weeks not only about beer (of course), but music too. Today in fact has been non-stop so I wanted to start up a thread out of personal interest to learn a little more about the sounds of Forest Hill (airplane noise withstanding, unless you like a high concept album?).

Maybe we can put together a playlist for everyone to enjoy somehow? I now know some of you are/ were in bands or just big enthusiasts. Maybe with everyone’s permission we can get some of the playlist on in the local cafe, pizza place or beer shop :wink:

Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you all and I can’t wait to hear what everyone’s listening to these days.

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Oops, I can send a playlist but might be overwhelmingly :slight_smile:

I love music :+1:

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Does it have to be music by local people or about local places?

One Tree Hill:

The Taking of Peckham 123:

Only Living Boy in New Cross:

24 Minutes from Tulse Hill:

Local artists:

Desmond Dekker

Millie Small


Ezra Collective at Forest Hill station

Peter Perrett, of The Only Ones

Francis Rossi

Jim Connell


Crikey Michael. Youve done the job.

I haven’t finished…

Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band

The Forest Hillbillies


With thanks to suggestions from Baggydave:


Local? OMG! I loved them in Canada. We were in a full on electronica phase in the very early 80s. Had no idea they were from the area.

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Rumours persist about Dire Straits:

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Bit of a plug here - but we run an online ethical music lifestyle brand -
Manisha (co-director and DJ/Designer) has worked with Pauline in the past, DJing at Forest Hill Fashion Week.
And if anyone is interested to have a listen our mixes are all online. More of the dance/electronic slant but still quite a variety in there. We look to introduce our customers to something new.
The latest mix and blog are here:


p.s. @ClaptonCraft we’d love to put a mix together for you - we’ll drop you a line. We can do something to suit your customer’s tastes.

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Ok, I’ll bite on this one. What is the Bonzo’s connection with Forest Hill?

Started off playing in The Bird In The Hand in Forest Hill & The Tiger’s Head in Catford

Ok, interesting but is that it? I recall seeing Viv Stamshall playing the Amersham but that did not make me think he lived in New Cross. :slight_smile: Well, the Who played in Forest Hill too. Maybe am reading too much into the thread title but is this is an opportunity to highlight those with actual links to the community? Desmond Decker is a good shout for instance, lived on Devonshire Road.

Had it not been for the Bird in Hand the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band may not have existed. The Bird marked their transition to a professional band.

"We found this pub called The Bird In Hand, in Forest Hill, which had a big back room and no customers, and asked if we could play there. Then we talked the others into meeting us half way and decided to pass the hat around to cover our costs.

"When we started playing the place soon filled up and a vast amount of beer was consumed, which pleased the landlord who asked us back and put 25 in the hat.

“So really, our professional career started as an art student benevolent fund,” he says with a laugh.

Read more at:


Ok, great story!

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Then there’s “All Hail this Grand Day”, from the opening of the Croydon Canal, in 1809

Also available at

@starman they used to rehearse in Elsinore Road!

I have always thought that forest hill is called out 28 seconds into underworld’s song motor home. Worthy of inclusion?

And just to add to the dire straits rumours a friend of mine swears that dire straits lived on Sunderland road.

Interesting article here:

Astonishing the quadrophonia was in part dedicated to the ‘kids of forest hill’.


And then some. @Michael, this is incredible… you’ve really set the bar high!

Michael and @Brett, in regards to the question about ‘‘does it have to be music by local people or about local places?’’, I’d say either and whatever it is residents are listening to at home or on their commute to and from work?

I think my favourite track so far from the thread is ‘Israelites’ by Desmond Decker :+1:

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No problem Pauline, it didn’t stop @Michael from uploading a full album :wink:

I can’t wait to hear what you might upload to the thread.

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